Father’s Day Traditions to Start with Dad This Year


Father’s Day is a special occasion where we celebrate dad and everything he has done and continues to do for us. 

A fun way to celebrate dad is to create some new and memorable Father’s Day traditions. Think of something that you can do each year for dad, even as you grow older, so that those traditions can continue on through the years. As you both get older, you will remember the fond moments you had with the yearly traditions and you can even pass those down to your own kids.

With Father’s Day coming up, here are some of the best Father’s Day traditions to start with dad this year.

Plan a backyard picnic. 

There is no need to get all dressed up to go out to eat when you can enjoy a simple picnic meal with dad. A picnic is better than a fancy restaurant because you can enjoy some quiet memorable moments together as you enjoy his favorite picnic food. Where you have the picnic is up to you, you can choose to go to the park or just a simple backyard picnic will work.

Enjoy a fun family pizza night. 

If dad loves pizza, make Father’s Day a special treat by getting the family together and having everyone create their own homemade pizzas. Just grab some pizza dough or make your own with your favorite toppings.

Start a movie night tradition with dad. 

For Father’s Day, everyone can enjoy a fun night of his favorite movies. This is a great opportunity to get everyone involved in spending time with dad. Grab some popcorn or snacks and just hang out and watch movies all night in your living room. You could also go all out and set up your own big-screen TV outdoors and create your own private screening area right in the backyard.

Set up a Father’s Day game night. 

To go along with movie night, add some extra fun into the mix by creating a little competition by having a family game night. Let dad choose his favorite games(s) to play with everyone.

Take a fishing trip with dad. 

If dad loves to fish and enjoy the outdoors, set up a fun fishing trip or outing at your local lake or at his favorite fishing spot. Bring the grill, a cooler full of drinks for everyone, and some tasty ideas for dinner that you can cook on the grill and you have the perfect way to spend time with dad.

Spend the day golfing. 

If dad is not much of a fisher and would rather go golfing, a fun idea might be to set a day aside to treat dad to a few golf games. Golfing may not be as much fun with younger children, so instead of taking them out on a full course, a little Put-Put golfing may be the answer.

Take a camping trip. 

With Father’s Day being in the month of June, the weather is warm enough for you to enjoy a fun weekend of camping with friends and family. Hit the road to find the best campsites or take a road trip and rent a cabin at your local campground.

Serve dad his favorite dinner. 

Treat dad to a nice dinner at home or at his favorite restaurant. Each year, the family can get together to have a delicious meal and celebrate him on the day made just for him. 

Enjoy the outdoors with dad.

If dad enjoys the outdoors but may not be up to fishing or camping, how about a nature walk or bird watching activity? If dad spends a lot of time outdoors, plan something he will enjoy doing while he gets some sun and fun in.

Give him a present that is unpredictable and weird. 

Trust me, he doesn’t need another set of golf balls or grill utensils! Instead of the traditional gifts, you may give him, add a little fun and flair to the gifts this year by getting him something fun and weird. This could be as simple as customized socks or some type of fun gag gifts. Laughs will be had and a lot of memories will be made!

Go to the beach. 

Another fun idea is to have everyone in the family head to the beach to celebrate dad. Get those board shorts ready and take dad on a beach day celebration where he can enjoy himself while he surfs the big tides or relaxes in the sun sipping on his favorite beach drink.

Traditions make memories and that is what is most important when it comes to celebrating someone we love. There are a lot of family traditions you can start to celebrate dad on Father’s Day. Choose something dad loves to do and create a fun twist on it and make it a yearly tradition that everyone will remember.

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