Best Places to Visit on Father’s Day


Not quite sure what to get dad this year for Father’s Day? Why not take him on a trip of a lifetime to see and experience some of the best places to visit on Father’s Day.

In May, we celebrate mom and all that she does for us, so it is only right that in June we celebrate dad and everything he does and continues to do for us. While there are plenty of gifts we can purchase to give to dad, why not give him the gift of experience and take a trip with dad to see and do a variety of different activities.

Whether dad enjoys some outdoor adventures or some indoor relaxation time, there are a lot of great vacation sites to see and will make the perfect Father’s Day getaway or weekend road trip.

Dig for Diamonds at the Diamonds State Park in Arkansas

Take dad on a trip to search for diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Dad can rent tools or bring his own mining equipment to search for diamonds on the 37-acre field that is set aside just for mining. The area is home to a variety of different rocks, minerals, and gemstones so dad is sure to find some fun treasures while he is searching and digging. 

After dad is finished digging for diamonds, he can take a break and cool off at the Diamon Springs Water Park that is open during the summer season. Other activities include taking a walk on the trail or enjoying a picnic with the family at one of the many picnic sites in the area.

Experience the Outdoors at the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska

With a ton of fun and exciting experiences to discover in Denali National Park and Reserve, dad will love spending time outside while he is visiting the park.

If dad is an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys nature and likes a little excitement to go along on his outdoor adventures, Denali offers everything from flightseeing tours and zipline adventures to wave paddle rafting and wildlife excursions.

Send Dad to a Spa Retreat in Vista, California

Ready to get dad a relaxing gift that will let him relax and unwind after all the hard work he does for everyone in the family? The Cal-a-Vie is a popular European-style spa and retreat that has impressed many guests throughout the years. 

Even if dad isn’t a fan of spending a day at the spa or would rather partake in other activities, the retreat offers even more activities that dad will love.

Packages are custom made and you can set dad up with a culinary and wine experience or set him up with a golf retreat that will have him putting on the beautiful greens while he enjoys his stay. These are just a few of the custom packages that you can give, the retreat offers other experiences that dad is sure to love.

Let Dad Enjoy the Arts in Eastport, Maine

If dad is a fan of the arts and culture scene, Eastport is a Father’s Day destination that dad is going to love. The town is dedicated to theater, fine arts, galleries, music and arts, and so much more. One of the most popular destinations is the Eastport Art Walk where dad will be able to take a stroll through the different routes to celebrate the outdoor artwork, gardens, and vistas found throughout the city.

While dad is visiting Eastport, a trip to The Tides Institute and Museum of Art will allow him to see a collection of artifacts and rotating exhibits that he is sure to love. The Artsipelago and Culture Pass will allow dad to experience and appreciate art from different cultures.

Another great scene to see is the Eastport Gallery. Started in the 1980’s by a group of artists, the Eastport Gallery is made up of a co-op group of local artists that proudly display their art collections in both the summer and winter months.

In Conclusion: Celebrate dad by taking him on a fun and unique trip to some of these must-see Father’s Day locations. 

While you can give dad a new tie or golf club, wouldn’t it be so much cooler to give him the gift of experience and take him on a mini Father’s Day vacation? Not only will he get to experience some of his favorite hobbies or activities, but he will also be enjoying a fun and relaxing getaway where all he has to worry about is enjoying himself.

These are just a few ideas on where to take dad this Father’s Day. No matter what his favorite activities or hobbies are, you are sure to find a fun location where dad can enjoy himself and celebrate with the family.

Be sure to also check your local area attractions. If you aren’t able to travel far, there may be some local attractions or experiences that dad can enjoy without leaving town or traveling too far.

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