Mother’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Mothers Day Traditions Around the World

Here in America, we celebrate Mother’s Day in many different ways, but it usually involves taking mom on a fun getaway, enjoying a delicious brunch, or celebrating by having friends and family over for a cookout or elaborate dinner. We often gift mom flowers, cards, chocolates, and other gifts that she will enjoy.

All around the world is mom is celebrated on Mother’s Day. However, in other countries, Mother’s Day celebrations and traditions can vary greatly, and it is always interesting to find out how differently countries and cultures celebrate and give thanks to mom

Here are some fun Mother’s Day traditions from around the world that you can take note of and maybe incorporate into your own family traditions.

Mothers Day Traditions Around the World


Mother’s Day in Nepal is known as Mata Tirtha Aunsi and is traditionally a sacred celebration that honors those mothers who have passed away. The celebration is meant to honor their memories. 

In the large village of Kathmandu, each year crowds will come to wade in the famous Matatritha pond. The reason this is done is because it is said to bring peace to the soul of their departed mothers.


Mother’s Day in Mexico is celebrated as Dia de Las Madres. While the Mother’s Day tradition started in Mexico, you will find that many Americans celebrate in the same way.

During Dia de Las Madres, you will find that just about everyone goes out for a delicious lunch or dinner with mom. Mothers and grandmothers are also celebrated with presents like candies and flowers. Some families still participate in the tradition of putting on a small show for their mothers to show their love and you will often find that children join the mariachi bands to sing songs dedicated to mom.


Mother’s Day celebrations in Peru aren’t just a one-day event. In Peru, Mother’s Day is celebrated for a week. With this event, residents not only celebrate those mothers that are still with us, but they also celebrate those who are no longer with us.

Throughout the week families will organize dinners, parties, and even fun outings for mom. Common outings include a visit to local museums and festivals around the area. You will find many different art and musical performances around the area during the weeklong celebration.

To celebrate the mothers who are no longer with us, families will often gather at cemeteries to lay fresh flowers at the graves. Many also share celebratory drinks and food to honor those who are no longer with us.


In Thailand, Mother’s Day is a special event that many of the schools take part in. Children will perform a ceremony to honor and show love and respect for their mothers. 

United Kingdom

Mother’s Day in the UK, also known as Mothering Sunday, is celebrated a few months of ahead of the traditional American May holiday. Celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday is grounded in religion and often has the children bringing flowers to mom.

Traditionally, children would gift flowers or make them breakfast in bed. The entire family comes together to enjoy a special Simnel Cake, pancakes, and other yummy treats.


Mother’s Day in Japan was originally started to comfort mothers who had lost their children to World War II. It then became a popular celebration that continued for generations and is now celebrated by the entire country.

In Japan, mothers are pampered, and children will gift flowers to mom, help with household chores, and make food so that mom can take the day off. Red or white carnations are typically the flowers of choice.

Mothers Day Traditions Around the World


Celebrated on the last Sunday in May or the first Sunday of June, Mother’s Day is known as Fete des Meres in France.

During the holiday, it is usually celebrated by bringing mom the traditional flower-shaped cake and having an intimate family dinner. Many also bring handmade gifts, flowers, jewelry, or chocolates with handwritten poems for mom to celebrate her and everything she does.


Celebrated with a 3-day festival called Antrosht, families come together to celebrate with a large feast to honor mom. This takes place in the fall because it marks the end of the rainy season. 

Traditionally, sons would bring various meats and daughters would bring the vegetables, butter, and cheese and everyone would sit down to enjoy traditional Ethiopian recipes. After the feast has been joyed, mothers are celebrated with singing and dancing. 


In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated during a 10-day festival that is known as Durga Puja. It is a time for family reunions where everyone prepares food, brings gifts, and decorates their homes for the festival. 

Mothers Day Traditions Around the World

You will notice that most of the Mother’s Day traditions and celebrations around the world include flowers, even here in the U.S. That is because flowers are thought to be pure and beautiful which is the perfect way to celebrate our beautiful hearted mothers that do so much for us.

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