The Best Places To Live In America

The Best Places To Live In America

There are so many cities in the United States that qualify for one of the best places to live in America. These are located in different states, including the contiguous United States and states like Alaska and Hawaii, which always improve upon the quality of living. Certain areas are known for being a virtual paradise, whereas other locations are certainly at the bottom of the list. However, there are five specific states that you should consider moving to if you are interested in relocating to a better part of the country.

How Do You Designate What Is A Good Place To Live?

An example of a good place to live would be a location where jobs are plentiful, cost-of-living is down, and access to recreational activities. A place that would not be a good place to live would have a high crime rate, low employment rates and would likely be a place where there are high levels of pollution. Therefore, the cities at the top of this list will be considered destinations you would want to raise your children. There would be plenty of activities, clean air, and a remarkable lack of violence, along with available good jobs.

The Best Places to Live in America

Des Moines Iowa

Although this is not a state that many people think of moving to, it is certainly a city that has great promise due to its landlocked location. There are less than 1/4 million people in the city, which is manageable by any standard, even for those interested in living in the country. There are locally owned businesses, one-of-a-kind shops, and it is primarily a place that millennials and young families will enjoy. It ranks high on the quality of life because of the many available opportunities in this ever-growing city.

Fayetteville Arkansas

This is a much smaller community, but due to its proximity to the Ozark Mountains, this is the perfect destination for people that enjoy nature. It is also the home of many Fortune 500 companies, which means you may have opportunities to work for them. It has gone through extensive growth in recent years, and they are constantly looking for new people that can join their companies. The average salary is relatively small, but that is due to the cost of living being minimal by comparison to the rest of the country.

Colorado Springs Colorado

This is a destination that should certainly be in the top three. First of all, it is located very close to Denver and all ski resorts that permeate the area. It’s a beautiful place to live because of the fresh air, mountains, trees, rivers, and other outdoor activities. If you are in the military, there are many jobs that you can easily get. Regarding the economy, it is always going because of the growth of this community, and it is also known for having the best medical facilities in the state. Although 500,000 people live there, the cost of living is meager, yet you will have access to a very high quality of life.

The Best Places To Live In America

Austin Texas

Located in the southern region of the United States, Texas is one of the best states to live in America and is growing very rapidly. It is known for its music, cultural influences, and wide-open spaces. Although it is not a place that you would go if you enjoy hiking in the wilderness, it certainly a destination for those that enjoy the modern amenities of life. Festivals are going on at any given time, and you are also close to other major metropolitan areas. If you want to be in a city close to the water and is constantly growing, Austin is the place you want to be.

Portland Oregon

In stark contrast to Austin, this is a location that many people enjoy because of all that it has to offer. There are towering peaks that you can climb, beautiful forests and rivers, and the city that is thought to be one of the most innovative in the nation. The people that live there are primarily freethinkers, and you will also be close to the state of Washington, where the city of Vancouver is just a short drive away. It is a destination for people that are part of the tech industry and is a literal wonderland for anyone that enjoys the outdoors in nature.

The Best Places To Live In America

These are just a few of the many places that you may want to consider moving to. However, if you would like to live somewhere literally thought to be a paradise, the Hawaiian Islands always have places available. Of course, the cost of living in housing will be much higher, but you will never have to think about going on another vacation because all of the natural beauty will surround you. If your objective is to move somewhere where there is constant growth, the state of Iowa would certainly be a top choice. However, if nature is your calling, along with growth and innovation, Portland, Oregon, is the best place to be.

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