Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day: Things & Activities to Do with Kids on Father’s Day

ways to celebrate fathers day kids activities

Show dad just how much you care about him on Father’s Day by setting up some different activities and adventures to go on.

Whether dad loves the thrill of excitement or enjoys playing a nice relaxing round of golf, there are plenty of things that dad can do with the kids on Father’s Day.

  1. Take a cooking class together. 

Older children can enjoy a day with dad by taking a cooking class together. After the class is over, to treat dad to a special dinner, dad and the kids can recreate what they have learned by fixing him dinner for the evening.

  1. Make a craft together. 

Kids love to get creative, so why not get dad and the kids together to make some fun Father’s Day crafts. These crafts can also double as a gift for dad and will make the perfect keepsake.

  1. Have a family game night. 

Competitive or not, everyone in the family can gather around to play board or card games with dad.

  1. Attend a wine tasting. 

If dad loves wine, take him on the ultimate Father’s Day adventure by attending a wine tasting event. While this activity is for older children, you can easily customize it to work for smaller children. Just have the young children try various juices so they can still feel like they are taking part in dad’s activity.

  1. Take him on a road trip. 

Hop in the car and take dad for a fun or relaxing adventure and give him a day he will never forget. A few fun road trips to take would be to your favorite beach, a resort with plenty of amenities, or across the way to a new area of adventure to explore.

ways to celebrate fathers day kids activities
  1. Give dad a spa day. 

Dads need a little pampering occasionally too! Treat dad to a relaxing and fun spa day somewhere local or have the kids create their own spa day experience for dad at home. 

  1. Go to the drive-in. 

Enjoy an outdoor movie with snacks at the local drive-in where everyone can enjoy a movie together.

  1. Enjoy a beach day. 

Head off to the local beach or take a short road trip to see the waters where dad can sit back and relax or participate in some of the fun water adventures available.

  1. Build something. 

If dad loves to build and create, get the little ones together so that they can make something together. 

  1. Head to the zoo. 

Many zoos give discounts to dad or even free entry to fathers on Father’s Day, and dad will love seeing the animals and experiencing the zoo with the kids.

ways to celebrate fathers day kids activities
  1. Set up a backyard water park. 

Why visit a waterpark when you can set one up right in the backyard? Not only will dad be having fun in the water, but the kids will be laughing, and everyone will be making memories. You can set up a sprinkler, a book, a slip-n-slide, and more to create a fun backyard water park.

  1. Go mini-golfing. 

If you do not have a local mini-golf course in the area, you can create your own holes and obstacles in the backyard for a personal mini-golf course everyone can enjoy.

  1. Enjoy a game of ball. 

Take it to the hoops or the football field for dad and the kids to enjoy a game of ball. Whatever dad’s favorite sport is, have everyone get involved so that it can become a fun family affair.

  1. Take dad fishing. 

Enjoy a nice picnic outside and spend the day fishing with dad. See who can catch the most fish or the biggest fish for a little competition or just relax and enjoy the time together.

Activities to Do with Kids on Fathers Day
  1. Do a few science experiments with dad. 

Who doesn’t want to see an exploding volcano or soda can? Both the kids and dad will have a blast by doing a variety of different science experiments.

  1. Host a nerf gun war. 

Get your tactical gear together along with the nerf guns and war paint so that everyone can enjoy a fun game of nerf. For even more fun, set up an obstacle course so that there are a few challenges throughout the game.

  1. Set up a family or neighborhood BBQ. 

Get the friends and family, or even the neighbors, together for a fun BBQ where you can enjoy dad’s favored grilled food.

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt for dad. 

Let the kids help create a fun scavenger hunt for dad so that he can use the clues to find his Father’s Day gift.

These are just a few ways to celebrate dad on Father’s Day. These fun Father’s Day activities will allow everyone to have a blast as they make memories with dad and celebrate him for all he does.

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