Earth Day Family Activities


Earth Day is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than by having the family participate in some fun Earth Day family activities.

Earth Day is all about taking care of our planet and doing everything we can to protect and preserve our beautiful world. This is also a great time to introduce children to the different ways that they can become more eco-friendly and save the world we know.

Beautify Your Neighborhood

Get the family together to help clean and beautify the neighborhood. This will be an easy family Earth Day activity that everyone can get involved with. Picking up trash may not be the most glamorous job around, but it is something that can help save and protect our planet.

As a family, you can choose an area to beautify. This could be a local park, your own neighborhood, part of the lake, or even the hiking trails that could use a little love. Gather some trash bags and gloves and get to work picking up the trash and recyclables that people have been left behind.

Plant a Tree Together

Planting trees is often a common event at any Earth Day celebration, and it is something that provides us with a lot of benefits. Not only do trees help improve air quality, but they also help reduce greenhouse gasses and provide shelter for wildlife. They are extremely important for the environment and for our livelihoods. 

So, get the family together and make it a day. You can plant trees in your own backyard or see if your community is hosting a tree planting event for Earth Day.

Plant a Garden or Start a Community Garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only a fantastic activity the whole family can participate in, but it is also a great way to help be more eco-friendly.

If you have your own garden, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables any time you want. This can help reduce the number of trips to the store, and you will not be needing any plastic bags to carry them around with. You can simply take them from garden to table keeping and you will be keeping the plastic out of our landfills.

Another idea would be to start a community garden. Everyone in the community can help plant and take care of the garden so that everyone can enjoy it. 

Take a Hike

Literally, get the family together and take them to the trails for a beautiful nature walk. The kids can bring magnifying glasses or binoculars so that they can inspect and learn more about the different bugs and critters they see along the way. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to teach them about the different things they see in nature and to learn about how they help the environment.

Make an Earth Day Craft with Recyclables 

Kids love putting together crafts, so what better way to celebrate Earth Day than by having the family put a craft together. Use recycled materials for the crafts so that you are reusing items and not throwing them out.

Another fun craft would be to use the items you find in nature, like on your family hike. Let the kids get creative using things they have discovered from the hike or walk to create something new and fun—for instance, pinecone birdfeeders or photo frames made from small sticks.

Learn How to Compost

Whether you have just started a garden or have been planting fruits and vegetables for a while, if you aren’t composting, now is a great time to learn.

Composting will help reduce waste. It turns your food scraps and lawn waste into fertilized soil that can be used in your garden and is full of nutrients that your plants will love.

Take A Bike Ride

Taking a family bike ride is a fun activity that will get the whole family outside and active. Take a trip around town or to your favorite ice cream shop or just to see the sights. Since you are riding a bike and not driving, you will be helping reduce your carbon footprint and eliminate some of the toxins that go into the air.

Start a Recycling Community Center

Set up an area in your local community to collect items that can be recycled. Residents can drop off their recyclable items, and you can help take them to the recycling facility. 

Not only will you be helping our planet, but you may also be helping members of the community who may not be able to get their items to the recycling facility.

While these may be some fun activities for the family to do during Earth Day, these are also great activities that you can continue to do even after the holiday. 

Earth Day is all about helping us protect our planet so that future generations can enjoy it, which is essential. These are just a few activities that you can do as a family to celebrate and help protect our beautiful planet.

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