7 Tips for Raising Earth-Friendly Kids

Our children are the future caretakers of this planet, so it is important we show them exactly how to care for it. Raising earth-friendly kids is important because it gives them the skills they need to take care of the planet and keep it performing at its best. If you want to raise earth-conscious children, take a look below at 7 tips for raising earth-friendly kids so they can be equipped to handle this responsibility and keep the planet looking and feeling its very best.

Raising Earth-Friendly Kids

1. Teach the benefits of recycling.

Teach children about what items can be recycled and actively recycle in your home. Let children help sort out the recyclables, and let them go with you to turn the items in. You can also point out how to look at product labels to make sure the item they are buying can be recycled or is made from recycled products.

2. Use timers to encourage shorter showers.

Children may not understand at first how important it is to conserve water. Teach them about water conservation and begin by using timers in the shower. A simple timer can help them take shorter showers and take pride in saving water. You can also show how to make a rain barrel or turn off a faucet when it is not in use.

3. Teach against littering and encourage planet clean up.

Children as young as 2 years old can be taught that it is wrong to litter. Teach children about why we should keep our planet clean and how they can help. Practice picking up litter and finding trash cans when they have litter they wish to throw away.

4. Demonstrate how to use fewer resources.

Electricity, paper, water, and gas are all resources we need to use with care. Help children understand how we need to watch our usage and give them examples of how we can do this. Talk about carpooling to save gas, turning off the water when we brush our teeth, and turning off the lights when not in a room. All of these are great ways to use these resources less.

5. Actively repurpose and upcycle items around the home.

Let children see you using items up until they can’t be used anymore. When you do need a new item, see if you can repurpose or upcycle something you already have. This teaches children to be more resourceful and not resort to buying new things every time they have a need.

6. Spend time outdoors/do outdoor activities.

Kids will want to be more earth-friendly when they realize how much fun a clean planet can be. Take children outdoors as much as you can, through hiking, camping, fishing, gardening, outdoor athletics, stargazing, and even bird watching. The more kids get used to doing activities outdoors, the more they will want to protect the planet they enjoy so much.

7. Help them learn to care for animals.

Animals are an important part of our planet. Teach them how to respect animals and care for them. This can be done by showing basic bird feeding skills, building bird houses, etc. You can also help them understand that animals belong in their natural environment and aren’t meant for entertainment. Helping them understand how animals should be respected is vital and can help them co-exist peacefully with their four-legged and feathered friends.

Are you ready to raise more earth-friendly and earth-conscious children? Then give these 7 tips for raising earth friendly children a try and see how effective they can be.

Let’s discuss: How are you helping to take care of our planet? 

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