Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Activities for Kids

With Earth Day just around the corner, putting together some fun Earth Day activities for kids is a must. Earth Day is all about celebrating the beautiful planet that we live on. It is also meant to remind us that we need to do everything we can to protect our beautiful planet. 

Earth Day is also about learning and teaching others how to take care of the planet so that it can be a better world for everyone to live in. 

One of the best activities that anyone can do is to become more eco-friendly. Living a greener lifestyle and getting into the habit of being more eco-friendly is an activity that can always be done. It will be like celebrating Earth Day every day!

What are some ways to become more eco-friendly you ask? Here are a few examples of things that you can teach the kids so that they can live an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

  • Live a greener lifestyle.
  • Ditch the plastic water bottles and use reusable bottles instead.
  • Use reusable straws.
  • Invest in reusable bags instead of using plastic bags.
  • Ride a bike instead of driving when possible.

These may seem like little things that don’t matter, but in reality, these are small things that can make a huge difference!

Participating in Earth Day activities is a great way to help kids learn about why we celebrate the holiday and to teach them how to be more eco-friendly.

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids to do on Earth Day

Kids love to get their hands dirty, whether it be by experimenting or creating fun crafts and products. Earth Day is a wonderful way for the kids to get active, get outdoors, learn, and more. Here are a few fun Earth Day activities for kids. 

  1. Print out some fun Earth Day activity printables so the kids can complete them.
  1. Make your own blue and green colored playdough and then create a replica of the world.
  1. Read a book about Earth Day.
  1. Draw an image of the Earth on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.
  1. Learn how to compost with items from nature and leftover food waste.
  1. Go for a bike ride around the community to enjoy the beauty.
  1. Make your own bird feeder by using eco-friendly supplies.
  1. Plant a tree in your yard.
  1. Plant some pretty flowers in the yard or in pots.
  1. Use egg cartons to start your own seed starters or start a seed jar.
  1. Plant a garden with your favorite herbs and veggies.
  1. Create a video encouraging others to help protect the environment with helpful tips.
  1. Pick up trash around the neighborhood or at your local park or the lake.
  1. Make an Earth Day ornament.
  1. Come up with an Earth Day cheer and show it to friends and family.
  1. Use a coffee filter, water, and some blue and green food coloring to create a fun Earth Day craft.
  1. Print out a coloring page for Earth Day and have the kids color it.
  1. Create an Earth Day craft out of recycled newspapers.
  1. Play a game of Earth Day bingo with friends or family.
  1. Make your own seed bombs.
  1. Make a birdseed ornament.
  1. Make your own terrarium.
  1. Complete a fun STEM challenge that uses recycled materials.
  1. Collect aluminum cans from friends, families, and neighbors and recycle them.
  1. Build a beautiful and fun fairy garden.
  1. Use sticks to create a piece of art. 
  1. Make sun leaf prints on fabric.
  1. Create a nature collage made from leaves, sticks, and other outdoor items.
  1. Draw a picture of your backyard. Include the pretty flowers and tall trees in the picture.
  1. Start a bug hotel or ant hotel.
  1. Use leftover toilet paper rolls to make a craft.
  1. Make a sun catcher.
  1. Enjoy an Earth Day-themed snack.
  1. Learn about how other countries around the world help take care of the planet.
  1. Volunteer for an organization that is dedicated to Earth Day or at an Earth Day celebration.
  1. Go for a walk or hike to enjoy nature.
  1. Make your own homemade crayons.
  1. Sing an Earth Day song or write your very own song.
  1. Put together an educational Earth Day play for friends and family.
  1. Have an Earth Day scavenger hunt.
  1. Make an Earth Day cake and enjoy it.
  1. Bake up some tasty Earth Day cookies. Decorate them blue and green just like the Earth.
  1. Feed the birds.

These are all great Earth Day activities for kids. They are a great way to use recycled items, learn about helping protect the earth, and with many of the activities, the kids will be able to enjoy themselves outdoors.

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