Best Tulip Festivals in the US

Experience the vibrant beauty of tulips at the top tulip festivals in the US. Don’t miss out on this springtime spectacle!

Best Tulip Festivals in the US

Blooming flowers always set a fantastic mood for the spring season. In the US, no flower ushers in the spring in such a magnificent fashion as the tulip. You may even remember my tulip umbrella wreath that’s perfect for spring. When tulips start to blossom, you know that warm weather is around the corner. The craze for tulips in the US during springtime has turned them into some sort of legendary flower, with tulip festivals being held across the nation.

Have you ever attended a tulip festival? If you have, you can understand the excitement this flower brings. If you haven’t, you are missing out. How about attending one this year? If you do not know which one to go to, read on to learn more about the best tulip festivals in the US you could visit.

Best Tulip Festivals in the US

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, Oregon

When to Visit: March 19th to May 2nd

The Wooden Shoe Farm has over 40 acres of breathtaking tulips, that make this farm one of the best tulip farms in Oregon. You need to purchase your tickets early if you want the chance to take stunning photos and be in the midst of acres and acres of beautiful blossoming flowers. You are allowed to send flowers to your loved ones. This year, the festival is giving you the chance to support senior citizens, some of whom are suffering from Alzheimer’s, by purchasing fresh tulip bouquets. Mid-April would be the best time to visit, as the flowers will be in their full glory.

Tulip Time Festival, Holland, Michigan

When to Visit: May 4 to May 12

With a name like Holland, you can expect the tulip festival here to be something you won’t easily forget. In the past, this town has bagged awards as the best tulip festival in the US, and with over two million tulips blooming every season, you have a lot to look forward to. The festival also celebrates Dutch heritage by holding dances, parades, and showcasing Dutch culture. This year, the event will run for nine days, and the city will be bathed in beautiful colors wherever you care to look.

Best Tulip Festivals in the US

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point, Utah

When to visit: April 9 to May 8

At the Thanksgiving Gardens, more than half a million people flock every year to see the tulips that brighten the 55-acre grounds. There are a horde of activities and numerous events to attend during this period. For instance, if you love unique art, music, and entertainment, you can visit the American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic. If you love the outdoors, you can join others for a 5K marathon run this year. Guided garden walks offer you the best chance to fully immerse yourself in the tulip festival experience. Be sure to take home a fresh bunch of tulips. 

Skagit Valley, Washington

When to Visit: April 1 to April 30

If you are in the Northwestern part of the country (or planning to take a trip here), there is no better time than during the tulip festivals. The towns of RoozenGaarde, Tulip, and Skagit Valley come to life, with millions of tulips blossoming in every shade of color. The month-long celebration showcases the best of Skagit Valley: art shows, wineries, street fairs, gala events, riding through massive, stunning flower fields, and special local cuisine. Most guests opt to take a driving tour of the valley to have an immersive experience here. Make sure to visit the Willowbrook Manor for a luxurious English tea drinking experience and fine dining this season.

Best Tulip Festivals in the US

Holland Ridge Farms Tulip Festival, New Jersey

When to visit: April 13 to April 30

This is a family-owned flower farm that specializes in the growth of tulips during the spring season. In the fall, they grow sunflowers. Holland Ridge Farms has been growing tulips for over 50 years on over 150 acres of land. Every year, more than 1 million tulips are planted on this farm, and the public is allowed access for a limited period in April. They have a great “u-pick” model during the tulip festival. Visit the farm to enjoy the multi-colored flowers that make this a popular destination during the spring season. At Holland Ridge Farms during this season, you can enjoy pony rides, delicacies at the bakery shop, friendly farm animals, and a petting zoo, among other activities.

Albany Tulip Festival, Albany

When to visit: May 8 to May 9 

In the spring, the Albany Tulip Festival is the main event that attracts hundreds of thousands of people. The city has a rich Dutch heritage, which makes it easy to understand why this festival is valued in Albany. There are dozens of attractions and events during this period. Enjoy delicious meals, art, great cultural interactions, music, dances, and other forms of entertainment during your visit. Over 100,000 tulips are blossoming in Albany this season. The festival only lasts for two days.

Best Tulip Festivals in the US

Orange City Tulip Festival, Iowa

When to visit: May 13 to May 15

Orange City, Iowa, has been hosting its Orange City Tulip Festival for a long time. What started slowly as a simple celebration of the city’s Dutch heritage and culture has grown into an annually recognized and celebrated event. Besides taking refreshing walks in the tulip gardens, expect to engage in dancing and hold street parades. In the evening, visit the music theater for a thrilling performance. The city also has numerous dining options to choose from, and I would recommend you try out their local cuisine. The simplicity and rustic beauty of Orange City during this period are attractions you cannot wait to indulge in.

Pella Tulip Time, Iowa

When to visit: May 6 to May 8

Pella has a long history as a religious town. The name Pella was taken from a biblical city of refuge after immigrants from the Netherlands settled in this town to escape persecution back home in Europe. In 1935, the first Pella Tulip Time tulip festival was held in Pella and this tradition has continued to be an annual affair to date. During the 3-day festival, the locals celebrate their culture and heritage in all sorts of ways. For instance, this year’s festival has an itinerary that involves visiting tulip farms, historical villages, music, dancing, art scenes, the Fire House Museum, the Dutch Craft Market, and dining at the local eateries in the city.

In Conclusion

The tulip festivals highlighted above are some of the best in the United States. They provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about Dutch culture, try out the local cuisine, and enjoy a variety of entertainment options. If you’re looking for a unique and immersive experience this spring, be sure to check out one of these festivals!

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