A Tulip Umbrella Wreath That’s Perfect for Spring


Bring some sunshine to your life with this spring-inspired tulip umbrella wreath.

Tulip Umbrella Wreath on Front Door

I’ve got to admit that the past few weeks have felt like I’ve been in the Twilight Zone. From partial quarantine to a full lockdown, we’ve been stuck indoors with little to no interaction with the outside world. I took a look outside, and it seemed like spring has even taken a step back. The trees were still bare, and the telltale budding that spring would soon be arriving was nowhere to be found.

Every year I make a new wreath for our front door, like this Pinecone Flower Wreath, or our Easter Bunny Wreath. It’s the one thing that I love doing to bring a bit of beauty to the front. I don’t always highlight them here, but after sharing the images of Madison making this one, a few friends wanted the tutorial. Calling this a tutorial is almost an insult, as this literally takes less than 5 minutes. The most effort you’ll make would be picking up the supplies. That’s why I simply love online shopping. I was able to order my supplies from Michaels and did curbside pickup without having to get out of my car. Everything was delivered to my trunk.


So how did this come about? Well, I was busy scouring Etsy looking for a new spring wreath for my front door because I HAVE NOT been in a creative mood. With what’s going on worldwide, it has sucked all my creative energy from my soul. However, I came upon a charming umbrella wreath, and while I loved it, I couldn’t justify spending $100 on it. I took a look at what it consisted of and decided, why not make my own? Madison had an umbrella that she refused to part with, so I ended up having to purchase one at Target, and it was perfect! With a few clicks, curbside pick up run, and five minutes later, my spring tulip umbrella wreath was born. It almost sounds like a Powerpuff Girls rerun.

Here is what you’ll need:

Tulip Umbrella Wreath Pinterest Image


Kids Stick Umbrella (I got this cute one from Target)

Tulip Bushes (or floral stems of your choosing).

1½” Ribbon of your choice. I chose yellow to match the tulips



Cut your ribbon and tie it in a knot around the middle (closer to the top, just a little below the umbrella tie) of your umbrella.

Tulip Umbrella Wreath Tutorial

Make sure that your knot faces the front of the umbrella hook, as that’s what you’ll be using to hook onto your wreath hook. So you’ll want your knot facing forwards.

Tulip Umbrella Wreath Tutorial
Tulip Umbrella Wreath Tutorial

Arrange your tulips (or flowers of choice) around the front of your umbrella. For this, I used 9 bushes. There’s no need to add any to the back as your umbrella hook will be hanging, and you’ll not even see the back.

Tulip Umbrella Wreath Tutorial
Tulip Umbrella Wreath Hung on Wreath Hook

Once you’ve arranged your flowers as you’d like them, simply hang your umbrella on your wreath hook for a splash of spring color.

I was really amazed at how well this turned out, and guess what? Besides the knot tying, Madison (aged 8) did everything else on her own. So I think you can call it a joint collaboration.

Tulip Umbrella Wreath can be used as a bouquet

Besides this tulip umbrella wreath being decor for your door, you can also give it as a tulip umbrella bouquet. The recipient would absolutely adore it. I intend to make another for my elderly neighbor currently quarantined as well just to put a smile on her face.

Tip: To make this a bit more economical, I suggest grabbing some floral stems from your local dollar store. Some dollar stores may also have umbrellas for sale as well. Just make it your own!

If you do decide to make this, simply tag me on Instagram and let me know. Here’s to Spring!

Tulip Umbrella Wreath Pinterest Image
Tulip Umbrella Wreath Pinterest Image
Tulip Umbrella Wreath Pinterest Image
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