Special Traditions To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Do you celebrate anniversary traditions? While there’s never a wrong time to celebrate your relationship and the life you’ve built with your spouse, you should absolutely make it a priority to celebrate your anniversary. After all, many relationships don’t last. The fact that you’ve made it another year together is a testament to your bond. It’s also definitely something to acknowledge.

Incorporating traditions into your anniversary celebration can be a great way to make the day meaningful. It will also give you both something to look forward to as the date draws near. Not sure what kind of traditions you can make a part of your annual anniversary celebration? Here are some of my favorite ways to make the day extra special:

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Try Something New Together.

Growing personally will allow you to grow in your relationship, so pick a new experience to share on your anniversary for a memorable way to spend your way. Sign up for a cooking class, learn to rock climb, or choose something a little more intense, like whitewater rafting or even skydiving. The experience will bring you closer together.

Get Nostalgic.

Bust out an old photo album or pull up some old videos filmed during the early years of your relationship, and reflect on the progress you’ve made and the life you’ve built together. When we get busy with work and life and pulled into routines, we can forget to step back and view the bigger picture-all the progress we made that led up to our current place.

Print a New Photobook.

Another great tradition to start for your anniversary is to print a new photo book to celebrate the last year. Revisit your photos from the past twelve months and pick your favorites to assemble into an album. Then, use an online service to print, bind, and deliver your book to add to your family collection.

Couple Enjoying their Anniversary Traditions

Write a Letter to Each Other.

There’s something classically romantic about exchanging handwritten love letters. As hard as you might try, you just can’t capture the same sentiment through a text message or an e-mail.

Make a tradition of sitting down and writing love letters to one another in the weeks leading up to your anniversary. Take advantage of the opportunity to choose your words carefully and really express how much they mean to you. Whether you decide to start your anniversary by reading your love letters over breakfast or you save them for the evening to read as you sip a glass of wine, you’ll appreciate the sentiment.

Plan an Overnight Getaway.

Leave the kids with the in-laws and escape to a nearby bed and breakfast or hotel suite for a special evening. If you don’t get to plan too many trips, your anniversary is the perfect excuse to get away and spend quality time together.

Alternately, if you want to bring the kids along, consider it an opportunity to enjoy a night away with the whole family! The kids will appreciate the chance to swim in the hotel pool and indulge in the waffles on the breakfast buffet, and you and your spouse will still get to celebrate – you’ll just get to involve the whole family in the process.

These are just a few of the traditions you can incorporate into your anniversary plans to make the day more meaningful for you and your spouse. Choose from one of the suggestions here, or come up with your own tradition to start this year!

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