How to Find Time for your Partner

My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years. I’ve however noticed that the longer you spend married to someone, the more difficult is to find time for them. Many marriages ultimately end up in this place where they have brought kids into this world, started careers, and simply start to live the daily motions without realizing they are neglecting the needs of each other. In order to have a successful marriage one must continuously date their partner, sure it sounds like hard work with all of the responsibilities you have on your plate but it’s not!

Here are a few ways you can find time for your partner.

Pencil Time In

With the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life, it seems impossible to fill in any extra time for your partner, but if you want to keep your marriage solid then you must find a way to pencil in some time. This can be fifteen minutes at the end of each night or first thing in the morning. Whatever you can pencil in for time, start there and work towards more time later.

Schedule a Mini-Getaway

Perhaps you and your partner have simply grown apart because of your careers and other adult responsibilities. Consider scheduling a mini-getaway, think one night away at a cottage or hotel room so that the two of you can breathe, relax and enjoy some alone time together. Regardless of how busy your schedules are, if your marriage is a priority you both will find a way to schedule this in.

Start the Day Off Together

You both have to wake up and probably have some sort of morning routine before rushing off to get kids to school or work done. Consider having your partner a part of this routine; take turns being responsible for breakfast and start enjoying that first meal of the day together. This is an easy way to keep your routine solid but include your partner for a little extra moment together.

Partake in an Activity Together

Last, but not least, if your partner goes to the gym on a regular basis or some other activity then try to be a part of it. Maybe your partner takes a daily jog, talk to your partner about being a part of that. Surely there is at least one activity your partner does on a regular basis that you can enjoy together. This is an easy way to find time because the time is already being used for this activity.

Regardless of how you find time for your partner, remember that both of you are to be held accountable to make this time happen. All too often partners feel they can’t find time, but time is there right in front of you and it’s too precious to waste. Use each of these tips and tweak them into a way that will help you focus on your partner and reignite the bond you had on day one and in turn have a strong marriage.

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