How to Create Your Own Traditions ~ #FamilyIsTheGreatestGift

Family is the most important thing in my life and has always been. 2 years ago I lost the last of my parents, so I can technically say that I am an orphan. However, I have my own family and we have been creating traditions that hopefully will go forward for generations to come. Living in a state where it’s just me, my husband and children, we’ve come to rely more on each other and have come to the realization that Family Is The Greatest Gift.

This post was sponsored by T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

While I was growing up, Christmas meant a lot to us as a family. My mum and dad would try to make our Christmas holidays as merry as possible, and in the Caribbean you didn’t really need much. We were surrounded by family members so it was always a joyous occasion. My grandmother lived next door, and so did aunts and uncles, which meant lots of cousins. On most Caribbean islands, families usually stay together in the same neighborhood, so there is always that support when it’s needed. When we migrated to the US, it was a bit different. Family was scattered everywhere so our celebration was a little different. We would call each other to connect during the holidays, and this is still something that we currently do. My brother lives in Canada, while most of my family are either in the UK or somewhere in the Caribbean. My husband’s family are all in New York City, so for the past couple of years, every year, we have traveled to connect during the holidays. We’ve gone back to New York City, Canada and even the Caribbean, but this year will be a tad different. Now that my parents are no longer with us, I’ve decided that I want to start a few new traditions with just my little family. Here in Colorado, it’s just me, my husband and our four children, Kristal, Kyle, Mikael and Madison. I want to do things together with them that shows that family is everything, especially when they’re all that you have.

So how can you create your own family traditions? Here are three easy things you can do.

1. Cook together

The holidays isn’t the same without the smells of ham, turkey or even a casserole baking in the oven. Give each family member something that they can do and may even look forward to. Even the youngest can join in by mixing the ingredients together. My son Kyle likes to make banana pudding, while Kristal loves making cheesecakes, so for the holidays we will all be in the kitchen cooking together.

2. Decorate the tree together

With my eldest away at college, we wait until she gets home so that we can all decorate the tree together. Make it a holiday tradition that your family anticipates doing every year. You can even make homemade decorations that you can hang on the tree each year.

3. Take a family portrait each year

We haven’t done this as yet, but this is one thing that we plan on doing yearly. Make it something that they yearn to do while creating unforgettable memories. When you look back on all the holidays that you’ve celebrated together throughout the years, it will be sure to bring forth many smiles to your face.

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What traditions will you create this year?

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