How to Celebrate Christmas without Going Broke

Are you sick of going broke every Christmas season? It’s nearing that time of year where the commercials will start promoting the perfect Christmas gift ideas, and bloggers will start writing about the top must-have toys for your kids. At home, your kids will start talking about their gift ideas and all that they wish to have under the Christmas tree this year.

Christmas has become extremely commercialized, which creates this pressure on some parents to go broke purchasing gifts for the family every year. If you are downright sick of being broke on Christmas, please read on to learn some ways you can celebrate Christmas without going broke.

The first portion of going broke on Christmas pertains to the décor. We all want to have a super festive looking home once the Christmas season arrives. From wreaths to candles and everything in between, we want our home to scream Christmas is coming! There is no reason to go broke on Christmas décor; with sites like Pinterest, you should be able to find a DIY décor theme without going broke. Learn to make Pinterest your best friend during the holiday season as a means to save money on décor.

Once you have established the décor in your home and learned to use the DIY tutorial ideas on Pinterest, it’s time to think about the ever-demanding gift-giving portion of Christmas. It seems regardless of how little you plan to spend for Christmas gifts, ultimately, the time arrives, and your wallet has dried up. It happens to the best of us, so how can you learn to celebrate Christmas without going broke on gifts?

Start Saving Money Now – this is the easiest way to not go broke on Christmas. Start hiding bits of cash each week in a piggy bank or savings account that is designated to be used strictly for Christmas gifts.

Set Gift Giving Limits – create a limit of how many gifts per person and what the cost per person will be for Christmas gift-giving. Stand firm with this limit so you don’t spend beyond your means.

Create Homemade Gifts – nothing screams I Love you and care about you more than a homemade gift. Many relatives will be more grateful for a handmade gift, remember Pinterest is your best friend.

Purchase from Other Countries – there are many countries that are working on being developed and have donation options where you can donate cash to receive a lovely homemade gift.

Do Not Use Credit Cards – this is a no-no during Christmas gift-giving season; anytime you head out to go gift shopping leave the credit cards at home. Use only cash on hand to purchase gifts.

The sad reality of the Christmas season is that many families will go broke, they overspend, and it’s just as a means to make that family member smile big. We all know deep inside that our family doesn’t expect us to go broke buying gifts for the Christmas season, but we do it anyway. Learn to think outside of the box, start saving now, and limit what you allot for a budget to spend on Christmas. These tips here will help you survive Christmas without going broke.

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