Why Food, Sleep and Exercise Are Critical to Young Kids

The development of the child is simultaneous in various fields, and not separately – firstly physically, then emotionally and intellectually.

Although the personality of the child is individual, in assessing the development of the child, all aspects of their development should be considered in particular. Sleeping, nutrition and physical activity are among the most important aspects of children’s development and let’s dedicate some time to it.


It is more than obvious that a balanced food is essential for the proper development of a child. Nevertheless, sometimes it seems that the parents do not pay much attention as they should. Nutrition plays a very important role in the brain development at all stages of a child’s development. The most part of it is completed in the first few years of a child’s life, but with growing up, it continues through adolescence. It is therefore important that children of all ages consume foods rich in nutrients, to ensure proper brain development.

Complex carbohydrates in nutrition help with balancing the blood sugar level, which leads to a more healthy brain development and its functioning. Creative presentation and exposure of fruits and vegetables will increase the children enjoyment in these natural delicacies. Healthy food is of great importance for the brain, while refined foods and carbohydrates will increase blood sugar levels, and will contribute to lack of focus and concentration. Good nutrition and body hydration are strong bases for learning and good health. The basics of healthy nutrition are proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Now, we all understand that proper nutrition is important for everyone. With quality food, kids will function better in school and in other spheres of life. Food gives them strength. Talk to your children about nutrition. Help them understand why this is good for their development. If you eat healthy and keep only healthy foods in your home, you will have fewer problems in teaching your children to eat properly.


A child is not a little man; it has its own needs. One of these needs is movement or physical activity, which is one of the most important factors of health. Most of their needs for physical activity are met through play and recreation. When it is three or four years old, your child can exercise and hang out in sports schools, so it will be ready for physical activities later in schools. Physical activity is important for children and adults, and in order to obtain some healthy habits from the early childhood, children should first be introduced to sports through playing and socializing, which will have a positive impact on their growth and development.

In order for a child to engage in sports activity in a particular group, it is necessary to have sufficient concentration and attention to the training itself. Depending on individual development, this is usually at earlier ages. Sensitive periods are very important in children’s development, because those periods have great impact on the development of coordination and certain motor skills. The children are driven by internal incentives and at that age they can adopt new skills with ease and great interest. It is very important for the children, who are motivated by parents, trainers, even their environment, to be consistent about their physical development. Children should know why any physical activity is good and what they can expect from it.


Growth and development are an important part of every child’s life, and children grow when they are asleep. The growth hormone is released during the fourth sleep phase. If the child stays up to late, especially after midnight, the growth hormone release time moves and the child’s growth is stopped. In addition, a research has shown that children, who go to bed on time and sleep long enough, are more focused, have a faster learning ability and information gathering. Also, children with healthy sleep habits have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease at a later stage. Parents should control the habits of their children. It is clear that the evening is the only time when they can rest after a busy day, but do not forget that children learn and absorb habits and behavior from their parents. It is very important to control them, because kids will always find an excuse to postpone sleeping. When it comes to going to bed, children adopt bad habits from their parents. Therefore, it is necessary that parents nurture proper lifestyle habits, in order to positively affect children.

The development of children largely depends on the amount of time devoted to them. Children who eat healthy food, who move more and sleep well are happier, more compassionate and smarter. For these reasons, children need to learn healthy habits and real life values from the very beginning and who would teach them better than parents?

Vanessa Davis is a 32-year-old fitness enthusiast, mother of two and content writer at www.diet.st. She’s originally from Long Island, New York, and when she isn’t cooking up some new health and fitness article, she enjoys doing yoga and figuring out new, delicious organic recipes for herself and her kids.

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