Ask Away Friday with The Bold Fab Mom

I have been asked to participate in Ask Away Fridays and have yet
to commit due to other commitments. This year although I still have my plate
full I have decided to participate and get into the craze that is Ask Away

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #AskAwayFriday it’s an
amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to
know them better!  10 questions are exchanged and answered on your
partners blog. This idea was brought to fruition by the wonderful Penny
from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and
Amber from The Bold Fab Mom!!

This month I am teaming up Amber from the Bold Fab Mom. Mommy
loves reading her posts and we are always paying her a visit. Mommy and Amber
are even text buddies so I was really curious as to what she had to ask of me.
I thought she knew everything already, but apparently not.  So
without further ado on to our questions from Amber. 

Besides the color pink, what is your most favorite color?

I would have to say purple. I love anything purple but I also
love green and red too. I don’t think I have a favorite color. What I do have
is a love of all colors. 

Do you eat your veggies or does mommy not make you?

Oh mommy does not have to make me eat veggies. I love them. I’m
not a big meat eater, I actually don’t like meat too much and would bypass them
for fruits and veggies. 

Is mommy or daddy more fun to play with? 🙂

Don’t tell I told you this but daddy is a lot more fun. Mommy is
the more serious one and is always busy, most of the time with work. For those
who don’t know, mommy is active duty military and is usually gone sometimes
before I’m awake in the morning. She also gets home very late and is usually
tired. We do have lots of fun on the weekend but daddy is usually there for me
and he’s the fun one. 

What made you start blogging at such an early age?

I may have mentioned this before when I first started. The entire
first year of my life was chronicled on Facebook, complete with sonogram photos
and almost a picture a day. It was a great way for mommy’s friend and family to
meet me and watch me grow up. When I turned a year old mommy decided that we
would start a blog chronicling my adventures. There were a few products that we
had used that we were asked about on FB so mommy decided to start reviewing our
products as well. Welcome to Growing Up Madison!

If you could have any toy in the world, what would you ask for?

That’s a really tough one. Although I love toys I tend to get
bored with them after a while. I do like outdoor toys, anything that would take
me outside. Maybe I would like a bigger swing set. I love mine but I would like
one that has more than a swing and a slide. Include a seesaw and a few others
stuff and I’ll be in heaven. I can’t wait for the summer. 

You like shopping for shoes & clothes.  Where is your
favorite place to shop?

Oh this one is sooo easy. I love Gymboree! Mommy has been shopping
there for me even before I was born. My coming home from the hospital outfit
was from Gymboree. When we went on vacation it was the first store mommy and I
went into because we just had to go there. We originally went to visit Santa
but we couldn’t resist going into Gymboree. There are other stores that we shop
at as well but we do 90% of our shopping there. Now here is a big surprise. We
plan on bringing back a  lot more fashion to Growing Up Madison. When I
first started I would highlight what I was wearing in my posts. This time I
plan on doing a Fashion Friday either introducing new companies or once again
highlighting a few of my outfits that I wore that week. 

Do your brothers let you play with them & their toys?

My stinky brothers don’t always want to play with me but I
insist that they do. They don’t like me touching their toys either. They say
that I would break them and while I have broken a few it was only because I was
trying to give them extra love. 

What is 1 thing a lot of us may not know about you?

I think most of my readers know
everything about me. Its tough figuring out what you may not know. Did you know
that as soon as I see a vacuum cleaner I run away? Yes I’m really scared of
vacuum cleaners. They suck everything up so I think they might suck me up too.
I don’t like loud noises unless I’m making it.

You went to Canada for Christmas.  How was the trip? Did
you have lots of fun?

Oh I had loads of fun! I’ve traveled a few times before and I
was much younger then so didn’t really understand what was happening on those
trips. With this one I was much older so I got to enjoy myself. I got to meet
family I had never seen and being the baby I was slightly spoiled. I have more
photos to share with you so keep checking back. 

Do you like ice cream or cookies better?

Now this is a trick question. I love them both but I guess I would
have to say I love cookies even better. You can eat cookies anytime and
anywhere without them melting away. I can’t go to the store with mommy without
picking up cookies especially Oreo’s. They’re my favorite. I even did an Almost
Wordless Wednesday called Who
Wants an Oreo?

Now that you’ve read my answers to Amber’s questions, head on over
to the Bold Fab Mom where you can read her answers to my questions in her post, Ask AwayFriday #24.

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