Get Flying With The Zike WingFlyer Z100 #Review

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 Today’s review is going to be all Mikael. We haven’t had a Big Kid Review in quite a while. Recently it has been all about me and although I love it that way, sometimes I do have to share the spotlight. While my big brother Kyle doesn’t get to shine too often, my brother Mikael who is autistic has been with me a lot. He just celebrated his 9th birthday a few weeks ago so he thinks he’s officially a big kid now.

When offered to review the Zike Wingflyer Z100 mommy thought Mikael would be the perfect person to review this. His sense of balance isn’t often there and he gets occupational therapy at school. He seems to trip over his own feet and every time you hear a tumble down the stairs you know it’s Mikael. Mommy says that Mikael can fall standing up which I really believe is true. I have seen it happen often enough and while its funny sometimes, sometimes he really does hurt himself. Now that isn’t funny at all.

You may have taken one look at that photo above and asked yourself “what is that?”. Now Mikael likes to think of it as a cross between a scooter and a bike. Mommy says it’s also an elliptical. I would say it’s all three. 

Here is what Zike had to say about it. 

  • The WingFlyer is an innovative way to “Let It Fly” and is a revolutionary product that the entire family can enjoy together. If you’re looking for a new way to have fun, you’ll love this unique outdoor activity that lets you “Fly at Ground Level”. Our patented drive system will insure a smooth flight and allows the rider to quickly cruise around the neighborhood. The WingFlyer model Z100 is designed for kids ages 8-12. You’ll love the fact that the Z100 has a handle that lifts out to fit easily in your car…no racks required! A rugged steel frame and a hand controlled rear band brake contribute to the high quality of the Z100. The Z100 is available in Lime Green, Fire Engine Red and Classic White with Hot Pink pedals and wheels.

$249.99 –  Recommended age: 8-12y

The Zike WingFlyer Z100 comes in a very big box but it’s partially set up. The assembly was fairly easy once again says daddy and it comes with all the tools needed for assembly. The only thing that you would have to do before being able to use it is inflate the tires. Since mommy didn’t have a tire pump she decided to go out and buy one. Mommy got one fairly cheap at Walmart. Each tire required 50 PSI so mommy got one with a gauge so there would be no mistake. Once filled up Mikael was ready to go.

The Zike WingFlyer Z100 is made of steel so it’s not too light but Mikael being 9 years old, weighs 71 pounds, is able to lift it. Though he won’t be able to carry it around for too long. The Zike WingFlyer Z100 weighs 33 pounds. 

Some of the great features of the Zike WingFlyer Z100 includes the hand controlled rear brake. It is shaped and works exactly like a regular bike. If your little or big ones know how to ride a bike with a hand controlled brake, then they will know how to use this. Believe me when I say that the brake really works. Stopping is really easy and it stops pretty fast. Now the reason why I mentioned Mikael’s weight, is that the Zike WingFlyer Z100 can hold the weight of up to 160 pounds. 

The pedals are textured so your feet doesn’t slip and slide while riding. There is also a kick-stand for you to use when you’re tired and want a break. You’re riding while pumping the pedals like a regular bike, although more of an elliptical but it really zooms. 

This really is a work out and great fun. Mikael says that it makes for great exercise and he really had fun riding it. He also said that he could feel it burning in his legs after riding for a while. When he is all done it folds just like you would your scooter. It sure makes it a lot easier to carry than a bike. 

Mommy did a very short video of Mikael riding his new Zike WingFlyer Z100. Check him zooming!

The Zike WingFlyer gets Mikael’s Big Thumbs Up. It also gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up as well because it really has helped his sense of balance. Anything that helps my big brother gets my Thumbs Up! You can purchase your very own Zike Wingflyer Z100 at Zike’s website where you can also get a variety of colors. 

Now here are the ways you can connect with Zike:

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