Say Yes To The Prenup – Here’s Why!

Congratulations on the ring on your finger; how exciting is this! You’re engaged, you’re loving life and the subject you may have dreaded has been broached: you’ve been asked to sign a prenuptial agreement. For most people, this seems like the worst thing in the world and they think that their partner is going into a relationship with divorce on the brain. It’s not true, of course, as your partner is just being practical. It’s one of the reasons that you should consider saying yes to a prenup instead of throwing it in the bin! 

A prenup is an agreement that gets signed before a marriage and details all of the outcomes should the marriage end in divorce or go up in flames. A prenup enables both parties financial stability should the marriage end, but so many people see a prenup as an insult. If you don’t have one, the settlement after a divorce could cripple you both. You should go through marriage with your names on everything together, or you’ll find yourself wondering what are my rights if my name is not on a deed? It’s wise to get a prenup; this is your instruction booklet on what to do if your marriage ends. It’s time you say yes to the prenup, and we’ve got all the reasons you should!

Say Yes To The Prenup

Half of marriages end.

You can go down the aisle with your head filled with the best possible thoughts and you can believe in angels and fairies. The thing is, when you make those vows you do them genuinely in that moment. You don’t see any crashes coming your way. You don’t see the things that can go wrong and you don’t see any of the things that can trip you up. Half of all marriages end up ending, and you deserve to be realistic about that statistic.

Divorce can destroy your finances.

A prenup will be the document you need to avoid financial ruin. You need your name on the house and the car, but if you forget about it, you’re going to pay for it later. Divorce can ruin your credit and if you don’t have a prenup in place, the chances are that you’re going to really regret it later. You need to protect yourself, and a prenup is a safety cushion that can help.

You can avoid a lot of stress.

Divorce is painful. You don’t go into marriage planning the end of it and you can bet that a split is going to make you both feel as if you’re losing your minds. You’re stressed out and hurt, your emotions are running high and your partner can try to take everything from you and vice versa. The need to lash out at each other is common, but if you have a prenup, there’s no need for all the stress and bickering: you already pre-agreed what to do.

You can be safeguarded.

If your divorce process lasts for months, you can be confident that you will be able to plan for the future once the divorce is finalized.

Without a prenup, divorce can go on.

Divorces aren’t something you can pick up at the store. You have to go through lengthy proceedings in the courtroom talking about your issues, about who gets what, and what comes next. A prenup allows you to simplify the entire situation and you can start over in one piece.

It’s fair.

Signing a prenup indicates your care for your partner. Before you scoff, hear me out: your prenup signature shows that you care for them because you want them to have their fair share at the end of it all. Remember, you’re going into this relationship with respect and love, so while endings are sad, that respect is in there somewhere. A prenup helps you to reach a fair conclusion and bookends the marriage for both of you.

You protect your wealth.

Are you the wealthy person in the relationship? Some people, unfortunately, get married for the sake of being married, which means that you are at risk of wealth being taken by someone marrying you purely to divorce you and take your cash. Gold Digger is the official term, and the best thing that you can do is ensure that you don’t marry for wealth. If you are the one with the wealth, make sure you insist on a prenup.

It just makes sense.

We live in a material world today and you don’t have to worry about it. A prenup makes practical sense and it shows you both that you’re realistic and responsible.

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