Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate Dad than with a Teleflora bouquet that doubles as a collectible for him to keep forever to remember your love and appreciation?

I’m pretty sure that the dads in your life probably don’t need another tie or “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. To honor them in thoughtful ways, take a minute to consider the following (and encourage your kids to think along the same lines): What are your favorite memories involving your father? How has his presence or absence defined who you are as a person? What is he passionate about? You can apply this to any other prominent male role model in your life, too, be it a teacher, an uncle, a grandfather, a coach, a pastor, or even a business partner. It’s a great time to show our appreciation for the important men in our lives, and in our children’s lives. We have the opportunity to express our gratitude in personal ways. Instead of seeing it as yet another obligatory holiday, here are 5 thoughtful ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

1. Take him to a game. Likely, the dad in your life has a favorite sport. You can either take him to a live game or get tickets for a future game (because really, Father’s Day can be celebrated any time). Get him a hat, key chain, jersey, or have your child create art using the team logo, and include the tickets with this item.

2. Get him concert tickets. Is he a music man? Maybe he just needs a grown-up night out with some friends, and would be instantly transported to another time hearing his favorite musician from back in the day. If he’s a music lover, his current favorite band may be touring and coming to your area. Again, the performance doesn’t have to be happening in the month of June; just surprise him with the tickets at that time. He’ll have something to look forward to.

Another very personal option is to practice and record your own cover of a favorite song of his (or have your kids do it—how adorable?!). Head to your local musical instrument store and see if you can either get lessons, or hire someone to accompany you. The dad on the receiving end might even shed a tear…you’re welcome!

3. Open an Audible account for him or set him up with a podcast app. If he’s a bookworm, podcast lover or news junkie, he will likely appreciate an account that lets him listen to audio books with ease. Membership starts at $15 a month, which generally includes one book per month (some books cost more “credits” so check out the membership plans for details).

If he’s not so tech savvy, download a podcast app, like Podcast Junkie, onto his phone and fill it with podcast subscriptions (all of which is free to do) so he can open and play the latest shows in a snap.

Don’t forget to give him an auxiliary cable so he can listen on his commute!

4. Run a 5K with him. If the dad in your life is a health nut or fitness junkie, this is the perfect way to spend time together while raising money for a good cause (It will be even better if you can support a cause dear to his heart).

5. Get him a bouquet of flowers from Teleflora. Mom’s aren’t the only ones who appreciates flowers. Here are two of my favorites.

Dream Wheels ’65 Ford Mustang

Get Dad’s motor running with this collectible gift! In the perfect shade of poppy red, this classic ’65 Ford Mustang presents an array of living succulent plants. What a beautiful, fun-filled display for dad’s desk or bedroom!

’65 Ford Mustang Bouquet 

Celebrate his special day with a true classic! This ’65 Ford Mustang in classic poppy red with a bold bouquet is a one-of-a-kind collectible gift he’ll always treasure.

How will you be celebrating that special dad in your life? 

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