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I’m a mother with a big problem and I’m sure most moms may have the same problem I do. I have kids who hate eating their greens. I believe in kids eating a balanced diet and my kids will tell you that my refrigerator and pantry is usually stocked with healthy foods. There is very rarely any candy or sweet snacks laying around. I do occasionally splurge on organic candy so that’s why they look forward to Halloween. It’s the one day they can eat as much as they can because the candy disappears the very next day. I have tried lots of different ways to get them to eat their veggies, from adding different seasonings when I prepare them or even adding them into smoothies, but for some reason it’s always a no go. When I was approached by SaladPower® to give them a try I immediately thought of my son Kyle. He has started body building in high school and I stock up on sport drinks but I’m not a big fan of sport drinks either, so I asked him about it. His answer was, “would these taste as nasty as V8?” and my answer was “I don’t know, you’ll just have to give them a try.” and he did.

Now I have been buying juices at my local Whole Foods and I would pay a pretty penny for them. SaladPower® tastes just as good and cost less than 1/2 the price. SaladPower® veggies and fruits are hand picked from the highest quality, sustainably managed, 100% natural and 100% Non-GMO farms in the USA. They are also currently available in 4 different flavors.

SaladPower® +Apple Drinkable Salad. Each bottle contains 2.75x servings of vegetables from kale, carrot, spinach, tomato, celery, green bell pepper and cucumber. The Apple version however contains apple making it your perfect veggie and juice drink. This is the one that Kyle just loves. Yes I said he LOVED it. As a matter of fact he loved all the ones that contained juice. Go figure! I happened to drink one and thought that it had a bit of a kick to it but I loved it as well.

SaladPower® +Mango Drinkable Salad is another of the veggie and fruit version which you can also get. While you don’t particularly taste the mango you know that you’re getting 100% veggie and fruit in a bottle.

SaladPower® +Pineapple Drinkable Salad is the last of the veggie and fruit drink. Once again you taste more of the veggies that you actually do taste the pineapple but it’s not overpowering where you want to throw up. SaladPower® juices are very light.

SaladPower® Just Veggies Drinkable Salad is the one that only contains your veggies. With this version you are truly drinking only your salad. If you like V8 then you will definitely like this one. I personally cannot drink V8 juices because to me it tastes like I’m drinking a jar of tomato sauce. Yuck! This is very mild and I found it was even more enjoyable after I had put it in the freezer to cool making it even colder and easier to drink.

I love the fact that their veggies are all 100% natural, 100% Non-GMO, 100% Vegan and are all sustainably sourced and handpicked. They also contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. They don’t have that heavy veggie taste and if my kids who HATE veggies love the taste then it’s a hit in my household. I knew that I would love them but it passed the test with the kids as well. This is a great way to get your kids to eat or in this case drink their veggies. SaladPower® is currently available for sale in NYC area stores but you can get yours also on Amazon.

As they say:

SaladPower® is a great tasting veggie juice with a refreshing finish. You just have to try one! 

Let’s discuss: How are you when it comes to eating healthy? 

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