Remembering Through the Years ~ #ThenAndNowKids #CPTC

As a parent, we would love for our kids to remain small forever, but regrettably, they grow up.

This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication.  All opinions (and fond memories!) are my own.


Oh, how time has flown by. It seems as if it was just yesterday I was holding you in my arms, watching you take your very first step and speaking your first word. You would bring your favorite board game and we would play together and you never liked to lose. I remember you learning to ride a bike while following your big sister around because you were the baby. You’ve always been independent and I would watch you fall while learning to ride, but you wouldn’t let me help you because you “could do it yourself”, is what you told me. I stayed back because I wanted you to be independent, but deep inside I wanted to be near you helping you on your way. You would come to me with your booboos and I would make them better because that’s what moms do.


You’ve grown up into a brilliant teenager, who is still independent. However, now you ride your bike all around the neighborhood, sometimes without a safety helmet even though I’ve mentioned that you should always wear one. You now have your own friends, and even though your sister is still very much present, you’re now fascinated by “other” girls. You’re, however, still the same thoughtful and kind son, and I’m proud of the young man that you’re becoming. You would sit with your baby sister and play board games with her, and now you let her win, even though I know that you would prefer to be in your room playing video games with your friends. The friends that I know you care about, just as you do your family.

It’s amazing how quickly our kids grow up, and this video made me tear up just remembering.

This new and valuable resource from the Center for Parent and Teen Communication is one that we can all use in our parenting teen journey. Dr. Ken Ginsburg talks about remembering the best in our kids and seeing it repeated during their teen years. I especially love his quote:

Love is seeing someone as they deserve to be seen, rather than seeing them based upon behaviors they might be displaying.

So revel in your memories and continue to show unconditional love. I’d also love for you to share the video with others who are also parenting teens.

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