Teaching Your Kids to Get Along

If you have kids, you’ve probably learned to dread the words, “Mooooommmmmmm!” The second you hear that drawn out name, you know your kids are in the midst of an argument or fight. To help keep your sanity intact, use these tips to teach your kids to get along.

Teach Respect

No matter how much your kids dislike each other during an argument, you need to teach your kids to always speak to each other respectfully. Let your kids know what your expectations are when it comes to respecting each other. You’ll also need to let them know what the consequences are if they’re unable to treat each other with respect. This can help reduce the number of insults your children hurl at each other during an argument.

Schedule Some Bonding Time

Although you can’t completely stop your kids from arguing, you can lessen the amount of times they argue in a day or week. In order to do this, you’ll need to set up some bonding time for your children. This could be something as simple as letting your kids camp out in the living room together one night or taking them out for a day of mini-golf. The more bonding time your children have, the more likely they are to build strong relationships so that they play together more than they argue.

Let Them Argue It Out

This might seem counterproductive, but letting your kids argue it out is a great way to help teach them to get along. Eventually, your kids are going to get tired of arguing. Once they get tired of arguing, they’ll have to come to an understanding, working through their issues so each of them is happy. If you step in each time your kids get into an argument, you’re impeding your children’s ability to solve problems themselves.

Although your kids are bound to get into arguments, you can still teach your kids to get along. This will help reduce the amount of fighting, which means fewer headaches for you! What are some strategies you’ve used to teach your kids to get along?

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