College Series: 7 Ways for College Kids to Save Money On Groceries

It is no secret that when many kids head off to college, they realize how expensive food can be. Getting a decent meal in each day can be a struggle, and therefore many develop poor and unhealthy eating habits as a result. The good news is this doesn’t have to happen, and there are ways for college kids to save some cash while eating well. Take a look below at 7 ways for college kids to save money on groceries, so they can eat well while still having cash on hand for books, living expenses, and fun.

1. Teach them about in-season produce.

Give students a list of produce that is in by season. This way they know which produce items they should be looking for and when. Knowing the seasonal and sales cycles of fruit and vegetables can help them eat more fresh produce for less.

2. Encourage stores like Save-A-Lot

You might have a college kid who loves name brands, but now is the time to get them to try new things. Stores such as Save-A-Lot offer their store brand for as much as 40% less than what your big box grocery stores charge. Encourage these stores so they can save as soon as they walk in.

3. Explore meatless recipes.

It is important for college kids to get their protein, but meat can be pricey. Instead explore some high protein, meatless recipes that will get the job done. There are many meatless soups and bean dishes they can try which are tasty and protein-rich.

4. Invest in cookware.

Send kids to college with quality cookware so they can easily prep their own meals. Making a single investment in quality cookware that can last them all year will be so helpful, and allow them to buy fresh items and prep healthy meals instead of getting into the pricey carryout trap.

5. Clip those coupons.

Make sure your college student knows to grab a Sunday paper to clip out the food coupons that are available to them. It is worth the $1 investment to get $60+ in coupons and deals. They can also go to the websites of their favorite brands and see if coupons are available to print.

6. Find local farmer’s markets.

These markets can have great deals on fresh fruit, veggies, and bread. These are worth swinging into to find in-season items at a great price and even get some recipe advice from the farmers. You never know what you will find!

7. Use that student status!

Many eateries offer student discounts or they run a special night for students. Many shops and stores offer a student discount as well, as does Amazon Prime. If you have a valid student ID, don’t be afraid to use it so any valid discounts come your way. This is one of the easiest ways to save some cash and get some additional discounts.

Pass these 7 ways for college kids to save money on groceries to a college student you know. You will be amazed at how much they can help, and this way they can eat well without going broke.

Let’s discuss: How do you save money on groceries? 

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