Drink More Water!

Water is the healthiest thing that you can put in your body (unless you’re drowning, and then it’s probably oxygen). The sad truth is that many people today are not drinking nearly enough water to make their body live up to its potential. Drinking more water is a great way to help an individual live a more fulfilling lifestyle, and to be a generally healthier, happier person. Here are several reasons why.

Water helps you lose weight

One large contributor to people getting overweight is when they eat food when they actually don’t need it. One large reason for this is that they think they are hungry when their body is actually craving water, instead. Drinking more water means you will consume less extra calories, and instead focus on the food that will actually be planned out, and probably healthier for you. Drinking more water also improves your circulation, which helps you burn extra calories, as well.

Water helps you think better

Your brain needs water to function properly. Drinking water helps clear up your mind and use it to a higher capacity. When you are dehydrated, your mental strength will begin to deteriorate, and even cause immense headaches that are cries from your body to drink more water. Keeping well hydrated will keep you sharp and alert.

Water makes you happier

Being dehydrated means that your brain will not function the way it is supposed to, and your mood is most likely going to suffer as a result of this. Drinking more water will help improve your mood and make you feel less sick and slow throughout the day. This will lead a person to live a much happier life, in general, and is a terrific reason, on its own, to start drinking more water.

Water is necessary to live

At its most basic, water is one of the number one contributors to the fact that we have life on Earth. Water is a universal building block for life, as it cannot exist without it. This should give you pride every time you take a sip of succulent H2O. However, it’s not like you have much of a choice, as you would die without drinking water. Sadly, many people stay hydrated through inefficient methods, and could stand to drink more water in its purest form.

Water can help to prevent cancer

Water is an important part of moving toxins through your body and getting rid of them. This is why your urine will be clearer, the more water that you drink. Water dissipates the waste in your body and helps you flush it out at a quicker pace. The result of drinking less water is that this waste will sit in your bladder and colon for a longer period of time. For this reason, it has been shown that drinking more water can cut the risk for cancer of these organs nearly in half! We may not exactly have the perfect cure for cancer, yet, but water has somewhat been a cure for as long as humans have been around.

Water prevents pain

When we become dehydrated, various parts of our body begin to operate inefficiently, which can put us in great pain. The cartilage in our joints will harden up and stiffen, which causes pain. Our muscles, which are almost entirely made of water, will begin to cramp and ache at a frequent rate without it, which causes pain. And headaches and migraines will begin to swarm your mind, which causes pain! You get the idea. Failing to drink enough water is a surefire way to substitute comfort that you should take for granted for a world of hurt. Drinking water, because of this, is actually a great way to stop this pain before it happens, making it a terrific painkiller.

Here are some ways to drink more water

Although the amount of water that we need is highly dependent on our body weight, 8 cups a day is never a bad idea. If you are living a very active lifestyle, it should be a lot more than this. Because of this importance, you should find ways to keep up on your H2O intake. Finding food that has plenty of water in it, such as fruits and vegetables, is a great way to help this (it also helps you intake other vital nutrients). Another great strategy is to have a fun water bottle that makes drinking water more of an exciting activity.

Let’s discuss: Are you drinking enough water? 

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