Robert Matthew Vegan Handbags

I grew up with two big brothers and for a while I was the little “brother” that all his friends knew. As I grew older I remember thinking, why wasn’t I born a boy? I mean I just loved dressing in my brother’s clothing and for a while I HATED being in dresses and skirts, although my mom insisted that I wear them. After a day in church, the only place where I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans, I couldn’t wait to get home and take those dresses off. While I still like to think of myself as a “tomboy” at heart, I’m also very much a girly girl. I am still a big fan of jeans and tees, but I can also be comfortable in a dress and heels and sometimes the occasion calls for it.

However, as a mother, I also need a bag that’s functional, but still stylish. You know the bag that can hold everything that you and/or your toddler need as well. I’m talking about the extra packs of wipes, hand sanitizers, the portable game system, etc., the stuff that keeps our kids happy. So when I was approached by the Robert Matthew team to take a look at one of their new arrival, I was more than happy to say yes, because when I step out the door, especially with my pre-schooler, there is no need for anyone to know that my bag is filled with “baby supplies”. Can you tell below?

Now I had heard of Robert Matthew before from my very fashionable, now adult daughter, and if you read the post title and if you know my daughter, you may have figured out why. My oldest daughter is a vegetarian, not quite vegan, but she doesn’t believe in the harming of any animals when it comes to beauty. She buys vegan cosmetics and tries to do her part in taking care of the creatures of the world.

Robert Matthew, even though their bags are vegan, does not compromise on quality or beauty. Just check out the Kate Shoulder Bag that was sent to me. It’s a piece of work, let me tell you, or as I like to call it, elegance personified! It is also available in black for those who would prefer not to have the pale pink that I just love. Guess what? It also comes with its very own dustbag, and we know only the finest of bags usually have those! So now I have something to store my new bag in to keep it looking as great as the day I received it.

I just love how big this bag is, and while it doesn’t look that way, it truly is. From the gold hardware to the tassle and braided accents, it just screams luxury. The double compartments, secured by magnets are big enough to hold everything that you can imagine and there is also a middle zipper compartment to keep your valuables extra safe, with all compartments lined with a polyester lining. As if that wasn’t enough, on the back is another zippered compartment (shown below). The 8″ braided handle is great for carrying over your shoulder or just holding in your hands, when you’re in the mood to look even more sophisticated.

This is my very first Robert Matthew handbag, but you can bet this won’t be my last. All of their bags are gorgeous and truly a work of art. They are trendy, functional, and reasonably priced. Whether you’re just going out on your date night, to work or even a social gathering, carrying a Robert Matthew handbag will complete your look. With the holidays approaching, you may want to consider getting one for the handbag lover in your life, after all, who you can’t go wrong with something this stylish, and a Robert Matthew handbag is like no other!

Let’s discuss: What do you look for when purchasing a handbag? 

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