Madame Alexander 18″ Hangin’ with Friends, Favorite Friends Collection Review

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I’m starting to get into dolls. I already had one doll that I got for Christmas before my first birthday. It’s a tiny thing called a Bitty Baby from another doll company. I think I’m getting to be a big girl now and although I take my Bitty Baby everywhere it’s time for a big doll. Big girls need big dolls right?

Well it was my lucky day finally. I opened a box that came in the mailed addressed to “Growing Up Madison” and lo and behold in there was a big girl doll. Yay me! It was a Madame Alexander Hangin with Friends doll from the Favorite Friends Collection. She’s 18″ tall and now I can finally buy clothes. We are so going to start dressing alike.

Now before I was able to play with her mommy had to take her out of the box. Now mommy hates toys that takes everything to get them opened. This one was very simple. See those strings? All they needed was to be untwisted and I was finally able to play with my doll. Took less than 3 minutes but mommy took her sweet old time as usual just to have me wait. Mommy can be mean at times.

Now let me tell you a bit more about my doll. She has the most beautiful hair that I can now play with. She’s a brunette with almost waist length hair and she comes with bangs. I’m not good at styling. I’m a lot better at pulling her hair out so mommy put one of my hair ties in her hair pulling her hair out of her face. Doesn’t she look cute that way? Her head is fully posable and can move in all different positions.

She came with this really cool purple teeshirt, a tutu skirt, pants and a belt. Her clothes are fully removable and it was fun changing her outfit and just having her in just her tee and skirt. She’s going to need more clothes but there is a huge market for 18″ doll clothing so it shouldn’t be a problem finding her some.

She also has blue eyes, quite different than mine that are brown. Her eyes open and close and I had fun watching her close her eyes whenever I lay her on the floor. She also has a very soft body. Yes she’s not hard at all. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hip so she can’t sit properly like a young lady should. She can bend from the waist, so can bow when we’re having tea. We have tea like proper English ladies do.

I really love my new doll and now she goes almost everywhere with me. Almost like Kitty. Can you tell how much I love my new doll? See that big hug she got from me? Yes it was love at first sight.

Madame Alexander Hangin’ With Friends doll will make the perfect holiday gift. It makes a great birthday or anytime gift as well. You can purchase your very own Madame Alexander Hangin’ with Friends at

About Madame Alexander dolls:

Love is in the Details: 

All dolls created by the Alexander Doll Company are heirs to the perfectionism of Madame Alexander’s original vision that, “Love is in the details.” The Alexander Doll Company continues to uphold her standards of impeccable quality, ensuring that all dolls manufactured under our care receive hands-on attention and meticulous scrutiny every step of the way. Our quality control is testament to the skill of our employees and the high regard we have for Madame’s legacy.

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