5 Simple Ways of Keeping Your Home Clean and Clutter-Free

Clean and clutter-free home is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Creating a more practical and comfortable surrounding for you to live in will also help you feel relaxed while enjoying your organized space.

It’s normal that over time we collected different things that we may or may not need. However, when those things steal the place from us, that is an alarm sound we should take seriously. In order to put a stop to that, here are simple ways you can keep your home clean and clutter-free.


There is no better way to depart with your unwanted things than by donating them to those in need. Pick one or more charities and take all the things you don’t use, wear or need any more to them.

You can even create a space where you will put such things, like bin or box. This will make it easier to say goodbye to those things since you will take the storage to charity the moment it’s full. Additionally, you will avoid creating a mess and piling things up, which will, in turn, make the decluttering faster.


Designate a laundry day once a week and stick to it. This will help you avoid large piles of dirty clothes all around the home and shorten the washing time. It will quickly become a routine, and your home will be kept free of clothes cluttering your living space. Additionally, you will always have fresh and clean clothes to wear, towels to use and linens for the bed.


Bringing in something new into the house should be more of exchanging it for something old. This doesn’t have to be anything significant, like a piece of furniture, but rather a detail or an accessory. If you replace an old afghan, for example, you will want to keep the sofa clear of things covering it.

Placing a new rug will encourage you to vacuum the place more often, and new decorations for the coffee table will keep it free of magazine stacks. “In with the new and out with the old” strategy doesn’t have to work for all, but it’s one of the effective psychological ways to dedicate to cleanliness.


Food preparation can be exhausting, and sometimes you will leave tons of dishes behind after one meal. That is why doing the dishes immediately after having a meal is a methodical and practical way of keeping them in check. Piled up plates can create an unpleasant smell, it can be harder to wash them, and it can take you more time to take care of them.

Create a plan, sort of, when washing dishes to be more effective by starting off with glasses and finishing up with pots. If you have a dishwasher, even better. All you have to do is clean the food leftovers, place the dishes in a washer, add detergent and press the ON button.


The least you can do is organize a detailed and in-depth cleaning of your house when a new season starts. This means that you will have a lot of work to do every three months, but also you will keep the clutter in check. You can rely on services for home removals, like many Australians rely on Sydney removals, for example, to eliminate chunky and robust things from your yard, and even hire some housekeeping help. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean your home at all in the three months period, but only that you can leave the big work for them.

House chores and regular cleaning can be exhausting just by thinking about it. But actually, once you start, you will feel much better after every area you declutter. It will help you take control of your house and thus give you the sense of order and freedom in your own space.

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