How to Write a Functional Grocery List

One of the main lessons taught when we learn to grocery shop is to start with a list. Otherwise, you may end up aimlessly walking around the store, get home to find you’re missing key ingredients or wind up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need which can easily blow your grocery budget. Ideally, the list you create will be organized regarding the grocery store, using sections and rows, so you aren’t all over the place while shopping.

There are several ways to write a useful grocery list that will have you shopping efficiently in no time.


When you have children, you learn that they would rather meal and snack predictability rather than something new each week. There is always a standard grocery list with items that you will need to replenish week after week. Have a basic list drawn up that you add anything extra to as required, makes your list compiling quick and easy.


Post a running grocery list on the refrigerator. This way if someone finishes something off, it can be quickly added to the list on the fridge. This will help to make sure that when you are compiling your grocery list for the week, you don’t forget anything.


Before writing your weekly list, take inventory of your pantry and refrigerator for staple items. Things like eggs, milk, bread, cheese and any canned goods you use regularly need to be a priority on your list.


Look up specials and coupons that are available to you before you solidify your grocery list. If you can find a great deal on something that you see yourself running out regularly, such as toilet paper, you can save money and stock up on that item.


When constructing your grocery list, organize it by the aisles or sections in your grocery store. This will give the list and your shopping trip some structure, making it easier to navigate and get everything you need.


Compiling a grocery list isn’t just about what you need, but also how much of each item you require. Make sure you specify the quantities of each item you need to purchase beside it on the list, this will prevent you from getting too much or too little of something.


There are many apps out there that are perfect for grocery shopping, and they are located right on your phone. This will prevent you from getting all the way to the store, only to realize that you left your list on the counter. If you don’t want to download an abundance of apps, many phones are already equipped with a notepad. Use that to write your list out, so it’s always on hand.

Creating a functional grocery list doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, just make sure you start with a basic list, have a running list on the fridge and look up any coupons or specials before you go shopping. Organizing your grocery list by aisle and section, checking the quantities and using your smartphone are also fantastic ways to ensure that your shopping trip goes quickly and efficiently. After all, no one wants to forget that one important item for a recipe they want to make.

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