DIY Christmas Gifts Your Kids Can Help Create

Creating DIY gifts for friends and family can be a fun and meaningful way to give Christmas gifts. Whether you love to do-it-yourself, you’re working with a tight budget, or you’ve found some other reason to create your own presents, it can be rewarding to spend time and energy creating things others will appreciate, as well as a ton of fun. And if you’re on a mission to avoid the chaos of Black Friday and the commercialism that surrounds the Christmas shopping season, DIY-ing your own presents can be the perfect solution for you and your family.

Instead of tackling your DIY gifts alone, it can be fun to let your little ones get involved in the process whenever you can. While there are some pretty sophisticated DIY projects out there that I wouldn’t recommend tackling with kids, there are plenty of handmade gifts that can be made with their assistance. Not quite sure what those might be? Here are a few suggestions:


Slime can make a super fun gift or stocking stuffer for the younger recipients on your holiday gifting list, and it’s one your kids will have fun helping you make! A quick Google search will turn up tons of recipes for slime themed around anything you could possibly imagine. From unicorn slime to monster slime and everything in between, your little ones will have a blast picking out and whipping up these gifts. Separate your slime into portions and put into a sealable glass jar, and you’re ready to go!


Another cute and colorful way to customize a Christmas gift is to consider paint-dipped presents. Dipping the ends of spatulas and spoons make great gifts for your culinary-loving friends, but you can also dip the bottom half of a coffee mug or candle votive into your favorite color for a fun effect.


For an easy and customizable gift your kids can help create, fill up mason jars with fun surprises to give to friends and family. Fill ‘em up with delicious homemade caramel popcorn, color-coordinated M&M’s, individually-wrapped candies, festive trail mix, or another tasty treat that will delight your recipient. You don’t have to stuff them with snacks, either – consider tiny toiletries for a mini-spa experience or a Movie Night in a Mason Jar (popcorn, your favorite theater candy, and a Redbox gift card).


Looking for an easy gift for the ladies on your list? A DIY sugar scrub is a fun way to give her the gift of relaxation, and it’s something your kids can absolutely help create. Consisting of a combination of sugar (white or brown), oil (many recipes call for coconut), and whatever essential oils you’d like to use for fragrance, all you need to do is mix the ingredients together and store them in an airtight container. Create a custom label with your child to give this gift an extra personal touch!

From decorative presents to delicious gifts, there are plenty of DIY-able options you can create for friends and family with your child’s assistance! Ask your son or daughter what kinds of gifts they’d like to make for their friends, and see what they come up with.

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