Swing into Spring at Disneyland® Paris

Madison and I were fortunate to experience Spring at Disneyland Paris a few weeks ago, and what an experience it was! Themed Swing into Spring, it was set in classic Disney style. Musical parades, topiaries that are designed to amaze and your favorite Disney characters dressed in their spring costumes. We’ve never visited a Disney Park in the Spring before, we tend to go in the summer or just after Spring is over. I’m so elated that we did and Madison had a blast. She got to meet some of her favorite characters and got to enjoy the very first parade, Goofy’s Garden Party held at Central Plaza in-front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, as soon as we arrived. As a matter of fact, we got out of a line to meet the Chip and Dale and Friends characters above, just so that we wouldn’t miss it. However, the parade is done several times throughout the day so there was no need to worry.

The parade was spectacular and while I would say anytime is a great time to go to a Disney park, we truly enjoyed the Spring celebration. The Goofy’s Garden Party parade was incredible! The colors were stunning and I’m always amazed at how well the participants in the parades choreographed their moves so perfectly. Leading the parade is lovable Goofy, who gets things swinging, topiaries comes to life and his wonderland friends joins in with him to celebrate the arrival of spring. You get to meet Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Tigger and Friends and a few others, who all come out to join in the jubilation.

If the parade doesn’t wow you, then I truly do believe that the topiaries would. Now the landscapers who do the work on the Disney parks, what I wouldn’t pay to have them do my lawn. While I’m not sure how many flowers are on display at any one park, there had to be millions of flowers at Disneyland Paris during the Spring. It not only looked gorgeous, but also smelled divine!

While Spring was unbelievable, I feel that the summer would be a more desirable time to visit. Since our visit was in late March, the weather was still chilly so jackets and sweaters were still needed. I personally prefer wearing less clothing so usually opt for warmer temperatures when taking vacations. As with all Disney parks, be sure to get your Disney PhotoPass and stop at the photo stations and create some Disneyland Paris memories. Here is a piece of advice that I am going to partake on you for free, no matter what time of the year you go, it is always going to be crowded, maybe some months may be not quite as busy, but there is never a month at Disney where you won’t expect to see lines for rides. Here is a suggestion, utilize your FastPass. We were able to enjoy a few rides, but the more popular rides, of course, had longer wait times, the FastPass usually eliminate those long wait times. We had a wonderful time at Disneyland Paris and we can’t wait to return one day.

Let’s discuss: Have you experienced Spring at a Disney Park? 

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