Road Trip With Madison Part 1

I have been meaning to share a few of my photos with you that I took while on my Road Trip from Canada to Colorado, my home state. It was a lot of fun visiting family and I had so much fun that I didn’t want to leave. Mommy decided to leave a day earlier than usual because there was a winter storm heading on the east coast. We had snow everyday while in Canada and while it was a lot of fun seeing it outside, it was no fun driving in it. Driving in bad weather is really no fun at all. When we opened the door that morning to take our leave, the first thing we noticed was that our car was covered. Although my uncle had already gotten up and very kindly cleaned it for us there was no denying that day was going to be bad.

Now without further ado here is a few of the pictures taken on my road trip. Enjoy! We took the highway leading to Port Huron from Ontario which would lead us directly into Michigan. This was going to be fun. I am also going to doing this in 3 parts since one highlight of my trip was actually staying at the hotel which I will also share with you.

Leaving London, Ontario on the highway started off not too bad but it only got worse as we continued further along. Taking pictures through the window while driving was my sister Krxssy’s job, and while she did an ok job, I think if the camera was given to me I would have done an even better job.

While it may have also been fun to stop and visit a few of these places that the highway signs directed us to, unfortunately we couldn’t. That’s for another trip I think.

This was the last time seeing the Canadian flag. We were almost at the bridge leading us back to the US and I wanted a picture to commemorate my first trip to Canada. 

The bridge that would ultimately lead me into Michigan and the US.

Welcome to the USA! Waiting in line to enter the USA wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. Immigration officers were also friendly and welcomed us back home. It is good to be back but it was really fun to be away as well.

Have you ever taken a road trip? What fun things did you see while traveling?

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