United Airlines Introduces Kids Snackbox

We love to travel, A LOT! And while most of our flights are usually international, traveling means that I almost always have kids along with me. My pre-schooler Madison, is normally the one traveling alongside me and there are a few things that I always take along with me when we fly. If you’ve traveled with kids, you know what I’m talking about. A snack and most definitely something to entertain. In the event that you’ve forgotten those said things and you happen to be flying with United Airlines, it’s great to know that they’ve got you covered. Beginning May 1st, United Airlines launched a new Kids Snackbox available for purchase onboard their flights. Woohoo! It’s about time an airline did!

I have a very picky daughter, a daughter who is a food snob and who turns up her little nose and mouth at almost everything she is served. Unfortunately for us most of the items on those inflight menus are mostly geared towards adults. Have you ever looked at the menus while on your flight? Sure, there might be sandwich or two and a few snacks that you may not even want to eat, much less your child, so I was happy to hear that United Airlines is finally doing something and making items available for kids that they’d be interested in.

These new snackboxes are made especially for kids with kids in mind. The ‘Ben Flyin’ snackbox features United’s adventure bear on the outside of the box, and on the inside, kids will enjoy some delicious apple sauce, fruit snacks, animal crackers and a turkey stick. Also included is a set of Wikki Stick to help pass the time on those long and sometimes boring flights.

Madison couldn’t wait to dig in her snacks and for once she didn’t complain. She loved the apple sauce, loved the fruit snacks, loved the Wikki Sticks, was iffy about the animals crackers and turkey stick, but she did eat them all and the ultimate consensus was that it was a hit! And if my very picky daughter said it was a hit, I’m pretty sure that it will be a hit with most parents and kids too! So the next time you’re in the market for a flight with a child in tow, consider flying with United Airlines!

Let’s discuss: Are you excited about United Airlines new offering? 

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