7 Fascinating Facts: What A Pope’s Life Really Looks Like

The current pontiff is Pope Francis. If you are not familiar with the title, the pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and lives in the Vatican. People often talk about the luxurious lives of European monarchs (and their immense wealth), but rarely do they discuss the pope, who lives in equal if not greater splendor. Handmade socks from Gammarelli, bespoke robes and slippers, and more jewelry than you could shake a stick at. All of these things are luxuries that Pope Francis gets to enjoy.

This post will explore this topic in more detail, explaining what the Pope’s life really looks like.

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Exploring the Vatican

If you want to get an idea of what Pope Francis’ life is like, then why not visit the Vatican? You can take Vatican city tours with a licensed company and explore the city’s various nooks and crannies, as well as the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum. If you are unfamiliar with Vatican City, it is a city-state located within Rome, Italy. In order to live there, one must have some kind of formal connection to the Catholic Church, i.e., work as a bishop, guard, or priest. The Vatican is a very beautiful place, and although you probably won’t see Pope Francis, you will see cardinals, bishops, and the city’s other residents walking around.

Papal Apartment

Historically, popes lived in the Papal Apartments. Pope Francis, however, has elected not to. At this time, he lives in a small apartment in a hotel, which has been described as luxurious, but “not deluxe.” The reason that Pope Francis has said he will not live in the Papal Apartments is that they are too unnecessary and too grand. Unlike his predecessors, Pope Francis is not as excited about the perks that come with being a pontiff.

Dedicated Security

As you would expect, Pope Francis has his own security force, the Swiss Guard. Two Swiss Guards stand outside Pope Francis’ door 24 hours a day. When he is on the move, he is accompanied by his personal bodyguards. There have been assassination attempts on previous popes in the past, so it is no surprise that Pope Francis needs security, especially now, when the threat of terrorism is perhaps higher than ever. These security guards are highly trained, skilled, and armed at all times.

Proper Healthcare

Pope Francis has access to some of the world’s best doctors. While Vatican City does not have its own hospital, it does have some very highly qualified doctors working there, who are available for Pope Francis whenever he should need them to be. As the head of the Roman Catholic Church, it should come as no surprise to learn that he has access to such quality healthcare. He is the head of the religion and is therefore needed by the people that follow it. It is also worth noting that he is over 80 years old and therefore needs medical support.

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Bulletproof Vehicle

Again, because in the past, people have attempted to assassinate former popes, it is necessary for Pope Francis to travel in a bulletproof vehicle, usually in a convoy. More often than not, his chief security guards travel in the car with him, and then the rest of his security detail travels in front and behind. Usually, the pope’s convoy is also shadowed by additional security guards, driving unmarked vehicles. It is a shame that such security measures need to be taken to protect Pope Francis. Pope Francis also sometimes travels in the “popemobile,” a vehicle with a glass roof that he can sit in and wave to people.

Handmade Garments

As mentioned in this post’s introduction, Pope Francis has his socks made by hand by Gammarelli, and the rest of his clothes made by a bespoke tailor. Bishops, archbishops, and cardinals also have their clothes made by hand. Handmade garments are made so that Pope Francis looks his best and is comfortable. Since he works so hard and is a very old man, it is important that he is comfortable. The socks he wears are usually purple or red and are famous around the world.

Wearing Jewelry

Traditionally, popes wear big gold rings and chains. However, Pope Francis decided not to wear flashy jewelry and instead chose to wear a simple silver chain and ring. Pope Francis is not the most luxurious of popes, and while his life is indeed much better than many other people’s, he tries to live as frugally as he can. He is not a materialistic man and does not care for luxury items.

In Conclusion

Pope Francis, the current pope, is an interesting individual who worked in a chemical plant and as a nightclub bouncer before becoming an ordained priest. Pope Francis’ life is one of simplicity, and this is perhaps what makes him so popular. He tries to live as simply as possible and doesn’t want for much. He is a very down-to-earth man who wants to help people and make a difference in the world. He is an inspiration to many, and his life is fascinating. The best way to get an idea of what his life is like is to visit his home, Vatican City.

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