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I am trying to get back into shape and hiking has always been something that I enjoy. Today I am sharing my hiking essentials and how Baggallini® helps me keep it together.

I have always enjoyed hiking since my days in the Caribbean. I actually hiked to the top of the very active La Soufrière Volcano back in St. Vincent and the Grenadines while I was a teenager. I have hiked up mountains and in valleys and had a blast while doing so. Back then it was never really about staying in shape, it was more about having fun with friends who were doing the same thing I was doing.

As I got older, I needed a way to stay in shape, something that I would still enjoy and won’t cost a lot. There are so many reasons why you should go hiking. It’s not only exercise for you and your body, but it’s a great way to see the great outdoors and it’s relatively cheap to do. However, when you go hiking, there are always a few things that you should keep with you, and you’re also going to need a backpack to keep it all. One of my favorite brands has always been the Baggallini, I just adore their bags. Not only are they the perfect size, but they’ve never let me down!

So what exactly are my hiking essentials?


Whenever I go out in the sun, I always make sure that I put on my sunscreen. Yes, I burn too! I live in a very high-altitude state, which means that I’m closer to the sun. Always follow the directions of your sunscreen and reapply as necessary. Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.


While the sunscreen protects your skin from the sun, you’ll need sunglasses to protect your eyes. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, which could lead to cataracts, but they also protect the skin around your eyes, and in turn, helps protect against skin cancer.

Nutrition Bars

You’re going hiking, you’re not going to dinner, so there’s no need to bring a full course meal. However, having a few nutrition bars on hand will help fuel your hunger, and replenish the calories that you burn during your hike.


It’s important to stay hydrated. Whether you’re going for 30 minutes or 3 hours, walk with a bottle of water. The bigger the better. You’ll be losing fluids while you walk due to perspiration, drinking water will help replenish what you lose.


Now you may have driven to your destination, but I never leave home without my wallet. While you may not need your credit cards, it’s always a good idea to have a bit of cash on hand and your identification card.

Cell phone

I never leave home without my cell phone. In the event of an emergency, I feel good knowing that I have my cell phone in order to call someone or 911. Since I also have children, I need to be reachable in the event of an emergency at home. My cell phone also comes in handy as my camera to take photos of the wildlife and flowers that I come in contact with.

Power Bank

While you should be enjoying nature and forgetting about social media, you may however want to take photos of the nature that you do see. I always keep a power bank handy in the event of my battery dying before I’m ready to go home.

First Aid Kit

I never go hiking without a first aid kit. You can purchase a mini kit that contains the essentials. You never know what can happen on your hike, you can fall down a hill, end up with a headache, fall in some bushes. Anything is possible and it’s always best to be prepared.

Bug Spray

You’re dealing with the outdoors and there are going to be insects around. With the threat of the West Nile and Zika virus still around, be sure to cover your clothing and exposed skin to keep you protected.


Hand sanitizer or wipes are great to clean up. If you sit on the ground while having a quick break, having a wipe to clean your hands, or even to wipe all the dirt from your face at the end of the day will have you feeling “so fresh and so clean-clean”.

Comfortable clothing and shoes

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. While your shoes may be dependent on where you’re going hiking, be sure they are appropriate. Moisture-wicking clothing is best for hiking as they keep you drier longer and help regulate your temperature better.

Bag for collecting trash

Don’t litter! Clean up after yourself. Since there may be no trash cans nearby on your hike, walk with bags that you can use for collecting your trash.

Backpack to Hold it All

My Baggallini Excursion Sling backpack holds everything that I need for my hiking excursions. Don’t underestimate its size, it’s a superpower. It’s not only cute but also functional. What I love about it is the fact that I can use it as a sling or as a regular backpack, with its unique zipper that divides into two straps. There are lots of pockets and zippers to hold everything and keep them safe. What you may not know, is that on the back is a hidden zipper pocket where I keep my wallet. Since it’s against my body I feel secure knowing that it’s safe.

Whether you’re about to start working out, getting in shape or just going for a casual walk, check out the Baggallini backpacks on Zappos and start your own hiking journey.

Sponsored by Zappos.
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