Almost Wordless Wednesday: Who Wants An Oreo?

So it is that time again. Another Almost Wordless Wednesday for you and an easy blog post for me. Yeah mommy is lazy sometimes and would just prefer to post photos instead of writing.

So mommy took me to the commissary to do food shopping but they always put these incredible stuff there for me to get such as Oreo cookies. Now who wants to be in the shopping cart when there’s Oreo’s to be had. Of course mommy had to buy them since I was already ripping it open anyway.

Guess what? That’s another way for mommies to get you something. Open it and then they’ll have to buy it. Don’t say I never taught you nothing! 🙂

I see something I want
This is the correct way to eat an Oreo
Did you want one mommy? Ooops too late! 
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