Bringing Your New Cat Home

For as long as I can remember we have always owned a cat. Growing up in the Caribbean back then, they were everywhere and they didn’t live in our homes. They were considered outdoor cats. They did their business outdoors and only came when they wanted food. When I migrated to the US, I didn’t have any pets for quite some time – it wasn’t until I had my own kids and they decided that they wanted a pet that I considered getting a cat. I knew that the responsibility was going to be put upon me because as we all know that the kids want the pets, but the adults do all of the work. I thought that cats were a lot easier, I didn’t have to walk them and they are one of the most sociable animals alive. Just ask us cat owners. Today I want to share a few tips I gathered along the way about taking care of a new kitten.

So you decided that you want a kitten and you’ve found the perfect one, but there are a few things that you’re going to need before you bring your kitten home and a few things you’re going to have to do AFTER you’ve brought him/her home as well.

1.  Get a Vet
– Whether you get your new kitten or even adult cat from a shelter, breeder or family friend, your new family member is going to need to see a vet to make sure that he/she is healthy. Just like you get your children a pediatrician, this vet is going to be your pet’s doctor. When you do visit, ask questions just like you would at your pediatrician. If you’re new to having a cat, ask about food recommendations and what signs to look for indicating that your cat is sick. You may get a few vaccines that are routine and a schedule of when to come back for the next ones.

2.  Socialize
– As I mentioned before, cats are generally sociable animals. They like to be petted and know that they are loved. Introduce her to the house and to your children. If it’s a very young kitten and you have very young kids, teach your children how to hold her and touch her because generally children under the age of 5 can be very rough. Reward her good behavior with treats and extra love and ignore her bad behavior, but do not hit your cat when she displays behavior you do not like. Instead you may give her a time out in a different room away from you and your family.

3. Get Food and Gear
– While there are lots of different foods out there, I would recommend getting the best and you can always ask your vet for his recommendation as I mentioned above. Feeding your pet the best now would almost always guarantee less time spent at your vet, which in turn saves you money. Buy toys and a scratching post. Getting and teaching your new cat/kitten how to use a scratching post now would save your furniture in the future.

4. Toilet Training
– Don’t forget you’re going to need a litter box. You don’t need to buy a fancy schmancy litter box that cost hundreds of dollars. A very inexpensive litter box will do. Cats are born buriers and are born to scratch, and you’ll be surprised at how soon they figure it out. While you’re getting your litter box, don’t forget your litter. I recommend Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™. Not only will it teach your new cat/kitten good litterbox habits, but it will also eliminate the odors and not just mask them

I have to admit that Fresh Step has always been the only litter that we use. It was recommended to us when we got our very first cat and I was really excited to learn that now it contains the power of Febreze™. It is the first and only litter to feature the power of Febreze™, making it possible for litter odors to vanish. The litter has many paws-itive attributes. It provides long-lasting 10-day odor control and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent. Plus, it now has a lower dust formula, for cleaner surfaces and clearer air. So when you’re bringing home your new cat/kitten follow our tips and you should have a smooth transition, and please don’t forget the litterbox and litter.

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