7 Alternative Ways to Travel Around the World

Many of us dream of traveling the world, but few of us actually do it. Most of the time money is the issue, and sometimes work gets in the way. Still, traveling the world isn’t as unreachable as it may seem. There is more than one way of seeing exotic destinations and far away countries – just need to be ready to be open-minded, and you could easily have great fun and see a lot in the process.


This is a worldwide phenomenon for people who are bored with sterile hotel rooms and want to experience real cross-cultural exchange. Maybe it sounds risky to you, but it is a legitimate way of offering accommodation to travelers and often even interacting far more than just a greeting. You have the opportunity to share meals with your host and also explore the town with them in case you really get along. If not, you’ll have a far cheaper accommodation than in any hotel or hostel.


This is a pure win-win situation for both parties involved. Basically, two travelers agree to swap houses and spend some time in the other traveler’s home. That way, there is an equal amount of risk/reward for both travelers. Sometimes the car is part of the arrangement, too. The number of homes available across the globe is merely unbelievable – from villas to suburban family homes and urban apartments downtown – there’s something for everybody. People who do house swaps actually want a more authentic experience of the location they want to visit. If you are only willing to rent the house without the swapping, it’s also an option.


Finding yachts for sale in Tahiti and sailing the crystal waters is an item on many people’s bucket list. But did you know it’s possible to live aboard a yacht and sail around a big part of the world – it can be free, with shared costs or you can even get paid! It’s not necessary to be a seasoned sailor, although it could help in some cases because there are numerous opportunities on different vessels like fishing boats, yachts, tall ships, and dive boats all around. Hostesses, cooks, nannies, and deckhands are always needed, so it’s not that difficult to find a job there. Just be aware of the fact that being a part of the crew is not an easy task, but still a great way to travel the world for free.


If you are a native English speaker, you have an excellent opportunity to use that to your advantage. It’s a free way to visit countries like Japan, South Korea, Latin America, Eastern Europe and many other regions in search for native English speakers that could teach them. The payment and the hours will differ depending on the country, so do your research thoroughly before you sign up for this. The best pay is for those with a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL or TESOL certificate, but any enthusiastic native speaker can find their foreign students to teach. It can be exhausting from time to time, but you’ll always find time to explore the place you’re in, meet people and experience intercultural exchange. Many English teachers even manage to save some money, so they get to do some more traveling when their contract is over.


It takes a certain skill to know how to use the advantage of loyalty points, free miles, and benefits. If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to get free flights and upgrades, as well as free hotel stays. It isn’t illegal at all, it’s just a bit complicated for some people to try to be smarter than the system, but some people travel the world this way. The trick is to also use memberships and credit cards that offer their own sign-up bonuses. All in all, travel hack can sometimes be time-consuming, but the benefits can be enormous.


Many young people choose to spend their gap year working and traveling, but it can be an option for a person of almost any age, really. However, students and students-to-be are the ones reaping most of the benefits from Work&Travel programs around the world. Many countries offer this opportunity to foreigners, and countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and western-European nations are among the most popular ones to go to. If you’re willing to work in another country, you also need to do research of what type of visa is required for a specific country and if you are eligible to get it – don’t start packing just yet. It’s wiser to look for a professional help here, like the one that Australian student visa agents offer to young foreigners who are interested in working in Down Under. Otherwise, you’re risking being denied a visa and missing your opportunity.


If you are ready to drive a vehicle from one location to another, mostly across long distances, you can get a free ride, often with gas included. In essence, a relocation company or an individual needs their vehicle delivered, while you get to hit the road and experience a big part of the country. As a driver, you are expected to be flexible and reliable and older than 23. In many cases, there’s a deposit to ensure you don’t stray too much from the route or the schedule.


For open-minded people, traveling the world is more than possible – there are tons of different ways of reaching your desired destination, you just need to be ready to try out new things. Choose one that suits you and start preparing for the road!

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