Festive Sparkling Lemonade

Bring on the festivities!! Are you in the holiday spirit as yet? It has truly begun to look a lot like Christmas here at my house and in my city. We have already experienced snow and not just the sprinkling either but the full on everything is totally white snow. That hasn’t stopped me though. Snow just seems to make the holidays brighter and I have to say that I have already purchased all my Christmas gifts. The only thing now left for me to do is to wrap them and put them under the tree. I hate gift wrapping and if a company offers a gift wrapping service I tend to grab it. It makes it so much better for me, while not truly personal, but it is a whole lot easier.

I remember my days growing up in the Caribbean around Christmas my mother would have everyone cleaning, we would get brand new curtains in the windows and the house would be “dressed” for the holidays. Along with the Christmas tree of course. Back then we had a tiny maybe 4 foot tree and it was ginormous to me. I didn’t care that I didn’t have a 7-9 foot tree. We tended to be happy with what we got and having just 1 or 2 gifts under the tree meant a lot to us. Now if the kids don’t get the expensive headphones or game system that they asked for they’re not happy. When did Christmas become so materialistic? Anyway before I go off on a tangent let me go back to what the holidays mean to me. It’s all about being happy and carefree and enjoying family and friends. It’s why today I want to share with you my very festive sparkling lemonade. Lemonade is not always for summer and in the Caribbean we got it all year round. While one of the ingredients can be found at favorite store in the world, you can substitute it with a cranberry-apple drink of your choice.

Here is what you’ll need:


1 Quart Lemonade

6 ounces Sparkling Apple & Lingon beverage (I get it at IKEA my favorite store in the world)

1 – 11.5 can of San Pellegrino Sparkling Pomegranate and Orange Beverage

Ice Cubes


1. Prepare lemonade per package directions.

2. Add Sparkling Apple & Lingon beverage.

3. Pour in 1 can of San Pellegrino Sparkling Pomegranate and Orange Beverage.

4. Add ice cubes, you can also brighten this Festive Sparkling Lemonade by adding orange, grapefruit and or lime slices. Sprigs of rosemary or mint also pair well with this sparkling lemonade.

5. Serve and enjoy.

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