Steps to Release Anger

While anger is a natural human emotion, this response is something that can turn negative quickly if not under control. Years of anger built up from past trauma and let downs can ultimately fuel anger to be out of control at times. If you are faced with out of control anger due to past experiences leaving you feeling bitter and let down, then read on to learn how to release anger in a safe way.

Start Exercising – we know that this is something that is always recommended for nearly any area in life, but exercise on a regular basis can actually work to calm your anger. Think about getting in a good workout or maybe purchase a punching bag, who knows you may be able to use exercise as a means to release anger more than you ever imagined.

Walk Away
– when you are immediately full of explosive anger, please walk away from the situation. Learn to have enough control during this angry outburst to walk away before you say or do something you can’t take back. Once you have walked away, do some deep breathing techniques, or perhaps an exercise routine that allows you to find a calmer state of mind.

Jam out to Music
– blast your favorite genre of music, you know that beat that you just can’t help but feel happy when listening to it? Have an MP3 player on standby for moments of explosive anger and walk away to that location to hit play. Listen to the beat of the music as your anger slowly defuses and you find yourself feeling much more relaxed.

Attend Therapy
– try getting into weekly therapy sessions and discuss past experiences that may be causing your explosive anger responses. When you use therapy to let go of your past, your anger levels quickly fade away because you no longer have these angry memories holding you back.

Use Aromatherapy
– having candles lit or diffusers around your home will naturally work to keep your mind at ease. There may be scents that work better for you than others, test various scents out and commit to any that seem to bring on a sense of balance and calm within your life. This step will help you to be more proactive about your anger, than reactive.

Go to Sleep
– the key to ensuring your mind is in a stable place so that it won’t allow you to have an explosively angry response to others, is to get some sleep. If you feel sleepiness coming on, don’t feel guilty heading to bed. Sometimes it’s better to sleep off angry thoughts than it is to speak during a heightened emotional state of mind.

There are many ways to release anger; while some tips listed here will work well for you they may not work well for others.  There is no rule book to releasing anger. It’s all about knowing who you are and what your needs are then implementing the strategies that work to suit your best interest – releasing anger.

Let’s discuss: How do you deal with your anger? 

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