June 2013 Bluum Toddler Box Review

Our June Bluum Box arrived and this month we were a little bit more satisfied than last month. This one also came a lot quicker than our previous box in the month of May. If you don’t remember what last month’s box look like, take a quick look here.

Bluum is a monthly subscription service for babies ages newborn to 3 years of age and costs $24.95 a month.

The theme for this month was Fine Dining and when we opened our box the first thing we saw was Happy Family Munchies rice cakes. As you know we’re huge fans of the Happy Family brand. We actually have a giveaway going on right now of the Happy Family products on our page. If you haven’t seen it you can check it out right here. Happy Family Giveaway.

My card read this month:

Month 17: Using Utensils

Toddlers are notoriously finicky eaters – their tastes (and moods) can change like the weather. At the same time kids this age love routine, so don’t be surprised if yours exists – and insists – on the same food (prepared the exact same way) for every meal. To keep your sanity during this unpredictable period, think of mealtime as another opportunity to teach tots about new foods and flavors, but respect their prerogative to reject your offerings (at least for a while). And remember that as long as you present healthy eating options you don’t need to sweat the small stuff.  

Now to move along to what came in my box.

Happy Family Happy Munchies – $3.19

We were already huge fans of the Happy Family brand as I mentioned before so these weren’t unique to me. We got the rice cakes in blueberry and beet flavor. These have no artificial flavors and are the perfect finger foods for your toddler and teething baby.

Although I linked you through Amazon you can also pick these up at your local Whole Foods or Target which is where mommy usually get mine.

Happy Family Happy Creamies – $3.59

We also got another package of Happy Family food. This time it was the Happy Family Creamies veggie and fruit snacks with coconut milk. We got the strawberry, raspberry and carrot flavor. These creamies are a great way for your little one to eat their veggies without realizing it. Mommy gives them to me and I don’t mind because they taste so good, and although it says coconut milk on the package, it is totally dairy free and of course USDA Organic.

Petites Frites Bib – $10

These would certainly keep my clothes clean at mealtime since I’m a very not so clean eater. These are made from double-ply cotton blend fabric and are absorbent and very soft for sensitive skin like mine.

Boogie Wipes – $3.99

There is always a package of these in my diaper bag. These are alcohol free and made with natural saline. They’re not only good for little noses like mine but also for your hands as well after a rough tumble on the ground and a much better alternative than those dry tissues you mommies like to keep in your pocketbook.

BooginHead SippiGrip – $5.99

We’ve never seen these before and we’re really excited to try these out, especially on our next trip to a restaurant. According to the package it says that it prevents my cup, bottle or toy from falling to the floor and getting lost or dirty. I no longer use a bottle but will be trying this out on my cup.

Adventure Kidz Banz – $12.44

Don’t know why this next item is in our fine dining package but we were given a pair of Kidz Banz which are for children ages 2 – 5 years. These don’t fit at all so we’ll be putting these away for next year. I already own quite a number of the Baby Banz (approximately 5) to go along with my different outfits. I’m a diva you know.

Crocodile Creek Placemat – $2.95

This is my very first placemat that is just for me. Its the Harvest of Color placemat by Crocodile Creek and we loved the bright illustrations of fruits and vegetables. This is not only pretty but educational as well since it not only lists the fruits and veggies but the colors. Such a handy teaching tool don’t you think?

Can’t decide which one I want to eat

Total of our June Bluum Box was $42.15.

Next month’s box is going to be Lil’ Artiste and I can’t wait to see what will come.

You may use the following link and get your own Bluum Box without waiting for an invite.

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