My First Science Experiment

As most of you know I’m 16 months old but that is about to change tomorrow when I turn 17 months. I’m getting older every day and I’m having fun along the way. While I enjoy my daily activities which is mostly fun and games mommy tries to incorporate a bit of learning in there as well.

Two weeks ago mommy and I finished my first science experiment. I got to see caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies. If you’ve never seen it happen you just have to.

First mommy and I ordered the Insect Lore Butterfly Garden from Amazon and we couldn’t wait until it arrived. What they don’t tell you is that you have to order the caterpillars for another $5 from the included coupon that comes in the package. Mommy said it used to be free a few years ago but they’ve now decided to charge although at a very discounted rate.

Our Butterfly Garden Kit

Well it didn’t take long for our caterpillars to show up and they showed up in their little container with food. All five of them. I couldn’t wait for them to grow. It was  actually fun watching them but mommy had to keep them in a cool dark place which is what they prefer and of course out of my reach. While they ate they also got bigger and bigger.

Caterpillars in the jar with their food

They ate their food and before we knew it they were no longer caterpillars but had gone into their chrysalis or their cocoon as mommy said. They had spun a fine web and had attached themselves to the top of their container home. Mommy had to take them out of their first home in the jar and place them in their new home that they were going to be in after they emerge from their cocoon.

Caterpillars in their cocoons

Two weeks later our very first butterfly emerged and about two days later the others emerged as well.

First butterfly emerged from cocoon

Now that they were no longer caterpillars we had to provide food for them and mommy and I fed them according to the directions which was fresh oranges. Apparently butterflies love oranges as much as I do. Who would have thought that.

Butterflies loved their orange slices

Mommy didn’t think it was fair for something so pretty to be kept locked up, so after just 3 days mommy and I, well really mommy, decided that we should let them go. Kitty and I were involved in this process and it was really fun watching them fly away.

We didn’t want to let them go but mommy said it was the right thing to do.

I hope to do this again and if you’re thinking was it worth it and did I like it? It sure was and I sure did. What science experiments have you done? I’d really like to hear from you.

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