Build-A-Mouse at Build-A-Bear Workshop Canada

One of the highlights of my trip to Canada for Christmas was my trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop. I currently have a few bears that I brought to life at Build-A-Bear Workshop. I thought it was time to get a new bear, after all I was on vacation and I wanted to have a bit of fun. What’s more fun than a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop right? I really couldn’t think of anything else. There is nothing more exciting than choosing your very own bear, stuffing him and bringing him to life. Making him your very best friend. Our closest Build-A-Bear Workshop was at the Masonville Place Mall in London, Ontario where we vacationed. A quick set up of our GPS and we were on our way.

When I got there mommy decided that she was going to look around first before heading to the store that we came to go to in the first place. Mommy can get sidetracked very easily, especially when she sees a sign that says “SALE” in a window. By the time I got to Build-A-Bear Workshop I was cranky and didn’t feel like making a new friend any longer. There was also a big selection and best of all there was a sale.

After taking my sweet time trying to figure out what I wanted to bring to life I finally decided to get the Merry Mouse. Merry Mouse is the limited edition mouse that was available for Christmas. The nice thing about her was that she was also on sale. There was that word that mommy loved. Even if she wasn’t on sale I would still have gotten her because she was what I wanted.

Now I have to tell you that I am scared of loud noises. It has always been that way. I am afraid of the vacuum cleaner and anything that remotely sounds like a vacuum. If you have a little one afraid of vacuums then this part I’m about to tell you about would not be any fun. It sure wasn’t any fun for me. Once you get to choose your mouse you get to stuff her bringing her to life. Complete with a heart. The machine used to make my mouse the way I wanted her sounds like a vacuum. Notice how far away I stood until she was ready?

My sister helped me to stuff her and my Build-A-Bear helper was very nice. He gave me my mouse to put my heart in and then he sewed her up making sure that her heart will never fall out. He then handed her to me and now my Mouse was ready to take a bath and get dressed. Giving my mouse a bath wasn’t that bad because I decided that I wasn’t going to use the dryer. She was only going to get brushed which I really enjoyed doing. Just like me, my mouse enjoyed getting her bath and her hair brushed.

Next came dressing my Mouse. Now this may be the most difficult part of your trip. There are so many clothes to choose from and all very stylish. I finally decided on 2 outfits and I was more than happy with my choices. Once again there was a sale on the clothing making it an even sweeter deal.

Once my Mouse was dressed it was time to name her. Yes my Merry Mouse gets to get a real birth certificate naming me as her mommy. I had help from my sister naming her but my sister Krxssy wasn’t very creative. My Merry Mouse was named a very plain simple Mouse. I’m sure if I could type I would have come up with a much better name. Guess Krxssy isn’t as creative as she seems to think she is.

Once my birth certificate was ready it was time to check out. Check out means that it was time to take my Mouse home. She was now mine and I was ready to go. She got to go in a cute little condo house and I got to take her with me. It was a fun trip but maybe next time mommy will head straight to the store instead of stopping at other stores.

If you have never had a Build-A-Bear Workshop experience I would suggest finding your nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop and bringing a bear to life. It’s an experience you will thoroughly enjoy and one that will hold memories for you for ages to come. Stores are available worldwide.

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