A Much Happier Sunday

Yesterday was a not so great day for me. Mommy was so tired after working so hard the day before that she slept almost all day. By the time she was up I was tired. Go figure!

Well she did promise that she would make it up to me and I can definitely say that she really delivered. I was up at the crack of dawn at 6am myself and guess what? Mommy was up too. That’s a rare treat on a Sunday because everyone likes to sleep in on Sundays.

Mommy and I watched Boomerang on TV for a while. I got to see the Smurfs. Mommy doesn’t like me watching TV too much and says that if I do she prefers if I watch the older cartoons she grew up on because they were a bit more kid friendly and not as bad as the ones that they show now. Mommy is as old as a dinosaur.

After watching a bit of TV mommy decided that we would go out to have breakfast at Ihop. We haven’t been there in a while and I was excited to get out the house. After all it was Sunday. Choosing what I wanted to eat was easy since I usually eat from everyone’s plate anyway but mommy got me their grilled cheese sandwich along with fruit and my usual apple juice. Mommy says no soda for me. I ended up eating all my fruit and none of my sandwich so mommy had to get a take out plate for me to take my food home.

I didn’t realize going out for breakfast would be so tiring because I fell fast asleep once I got into my car seat and slept all the way home. It’s hard being a toddler.

Well I must say that I didn’t stay asleep for long because after all mommy did say that today was going to be my day and I was going to take advantage of it. I was up before you know it and since mommy insists that I must play outside for at least an hour every day, we were outside playing in my sandbox, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on my swing and going down the slide. It was so much fun but before you know it the time was up and mommy said we were heading to the mall. Yay me!! I love going to the mall.

We stopped in my favorite store Gymboree and they were having their Big Red Balloon sale but for once we didn’t buy anything. Mommy says that I have way too much clothes. Can you really have too much clothes? I don’t think so. We did go into mommy’s favorite store as well, Victorias Secret and they were also having a sale and mommy got herself some new stuff. Guess it doesn’t count for mommy only me.

Well after shopping it was time to eat and we went to Chipotle another of our favorite Mexican restaurant. They have the best burritos I’ve ever eaten and they do have kids meals.

Today has been a very good day so now I forgive mommy for tossing me out of her room yesterday. Lets hope tomorrow is even better.

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