Not So Happy Saturday

Today has been a mediocre day for me. Mommy had to work and did not get home until after 6am this morning which means that there was no mommy time for me on a Saturday morning although I tried to make some. I was really excited to see her because I just love seeing my mommy.

Mommy wanted her sleep but I wanted to play so I got on mommy’s bed and tried jumping on her. Apparently, that was not such a great idea since mommy didn’t like that and I got tossed out the room after I got a kiss and the door locked behind me. Bad mommy!

I then tried banging on the door and after that didn’t work I tried crying. That didn’t work either. Guess mommy must have been more tired than I thought because crying has always worked before.

Guess its time for me to play with my brothers and dad today but they’re not as much fun but they’ll make do until mommy gets up.

mommy took a pic before tossing me out with a kiss
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