Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their Grades

This is the fourth and final installment of our Spring Break series posts. If you’ve missed the other three, let me give you a refresher.

We started off by sharing Questions You Should Be Asking Your Child’s Teacher, we then followed it up by giving you some Parent-Teacher Conference Tips. Once you’ve mastered the art, we then give some Homework Success Tips since we all know that kids aren’t big fans of homework. It can, however, be easy for your child’s grades to slip. All it takes is not studying for one test or not turning in an important assignment. Once your child starts to fall behind, it can be difficult to catch up. Fortunately, the sooner your child starts improving their grades, the easier it will be.

Here are a few ways you can help your child improve their grades.

Don’t Do It For Them

If you want your child to improve their grades, don’t do their homework or assignments for them. You can help them understand what they’re doing, but if you take over, then your child is learning that their effort is worthless. Instead of doing it for them, give them a hint but make them come up with their own answer.

Hire a Tutor

However, if your child’s grades are slipping because they don’t understand what they’re learning, you might want to look into ISEE Tutoring. The tutor can give your child the  skills they need to succeed and boost their grades. A tutor is especially helpful if you feel as if the assignment or homework is too hard for you to help them with.

Ask for Extra Credit

One way to help your child improve their grades is to ask for extra credit or for your child to redo an assignment. If possible, your child’s teacher can give them an extra assignment over the subject they received a poor grade on. Your child can then show that they now understand the content, helping them receive a better grade than before.

Keep a Planner

Many times, kids’ grades are marked down because they turned in an assignment late or because they didn’t do it at all. This hurts their grades, not only because they get a grade for the assignment but also because these assignments are designed to help your child learn the material that will probably be on a test as well. In order to make sure your child doesn’t fall behind with homework, buy a planner for them to write down due dates. Check this planner with them on a daily basis so that both of you know when their next assignment is due.

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