Parent Teacher Conference Tips

This is part 2 of our Spring Break series. On Sunday we learned of the Questions That You Should Be Asking Your Child’s Teacher. Well, where is the best place to ask those questions, but at a parent-teacher conference. 

Parent-teacher conferences are perfect for getting to know your child’s teacher a little better, as well as discovering how your child is doing in school. Oftentimes, schools schedule parent-teacher conferences at the beginning of the year. Some schools even schedule a second round of parent-teacher conferences sometime during the second semester, giving you the opportunity to check in on your child.

If your child’s school is offering parent-teacher conferences, these tips can help you have a successful meeting.

Schedule Early

Many times, parent-teacher conferences go throughout the day and into the evening hours. This can last for 1-2 days, depending on how much time the school has set aside for conferences. Because this can be a long day for your child’s teacher, try scheduling your conferences early. Pick a time that works best for you but that doesn’t take away from the teacher’s personal time.

Ask Questions

When you’re at your child’s parent-teacher conference, it is important to ask questions. Ask the teacher how your child is doing academically, as well as how they are doing behaviorally and socially. Knowing more about how your kid is doing in school is vital to your child’s success for the year.

Discover How You Can Help

Your child’s education is not a one-man job. As hard as your child’s teacher works to make sure that the entire class succeeds, it can be hard to meet the needs of thirty children. In order to make sure your child learns what they need to, ask your child’s teacher what you can do to support their education. If they’re struggling in reading, see what kind of books you should be reading with them. If they don’t understand how addition works, ask for some math games to play at home. Your child’s teacher will be grateful for the help and your kid will definitely have the advantage of having more people helping push them towards success.

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