Questions You Should Be Asking Your Child’s Teacher

The kids are on spring break, but learning never ends in my household. I’ll be doing a 4-part series, with this being my first post. Be sure to follow along every other day for the other 3 parts.

Your child’s education is important. The skills your child is learning now will follow them throughout their lives, making it crucial that you work with your child’s teacher to guide your kid to success. In order to do this, you will need to ask your child’s teacher questions. Not sure what to ask? Here are a few questions you should be asking your child’s teacher:.

How is my child behaving in class?

Many times, parents want to jump straight to the question about how they’re doing in school, but the answer to this has many sides to it. Doing well in school isn’t just about being able to read at a certain level or memorizing the right amount of math facts. Doing well in school also has to do with your child’s behavior. Do they follow directions? Are they putting in their best effort, even if the task is hard? By asking these behavioral questions, you’ll be able to understand more about how your child is doing in school and why.

Is there anything my child can do to make it more challenging?

School shouldn’t be easy. If you want your child to learn new things, then they should be constantly challenged. If you feel like your child is doing well in school and keeping up with the pace of everyday school life, then ask your child’s teacher what you can do to make it more challenging. Maybe you can help your child read a more challenging book or get a jumpstart on multiplication. By making school challenging and getting ahead, you’re teaching your child about the importance of learning.

Do you have any advice or tips for me?

Your child’s teacher works with them for a large part of the day. They see how your child works in groups versus how they work independently. They know how stressed your child gets during a test or how bored they can be during their least favorite subject. Because your teacher knows your child so well, simply ask for any advice or tips they might have. You might be surprised by the insight the teacher gives you in regards to your child.

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