Minimal Makeup: How To Look Polished Without Too Much Powder

Minimal Makeup: How To Look Polished Without Too Much Powder

Makeup rocks. With a little concealer, foundation, or blusher, you can stare in the mirror all day long. You look incredible and want to soak it in! However, while makeup is a perfect partner for the big occasions, there are times when you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of using every weapon in your arsenal. Not only is it tiring, but it’s terrible for your skin as the chemicals clog the pores and cause excess oils to form, giving you a greasy complexion.

Sometimes, it’s about opting for minimal powders. Here’s how to do it so that you still have a polished appeal.

Minimal Makeup: How To Look Polished Without Too Much Powder


Foundation is a lifesaver, yet it’s not easy to get the right sort of coverage. If you struggle to strike a light look, you should put on your foundation with a sponge. The soft, spongy texture prevents you from covering your entire face with too much brown stuff, providing an almost airbrushed aesthetic. And, you’ll eliminate the cake-like coverage that sometimes occurs when you go overboard with your makeup. You don’t need any special product as a standard sponge will do the trick as long as you are light of touch.


The problem with makeup is that you see it as a miracle cure. The features you hate are instantly improved with the right lotions and powders, which is why some women go over the top. However, this isn’t the case – makeup doesn’t work wonders. Instead, it highlights your top features. With this in mind, you should only invest in the best individual eyeshadows and lipsticks and forget about the concealer and other stuff. If you can go without it, you shouldn’t attempt to cover it up. Make it stand out instead.

Minimal Makeup: How To Look Polished Without Too Much Powder


“No makeup” makeup isn’t about going all-natural in public and not caring what people think. There are tons of ways to secure the style, but the typical approach is to pick a monochromatic shade and use it throughout your preparation. That way, your makeup will appear seamless, as if you’ve barely got any slap on your face. In truth, you might have used a handful of different products, yet it’s hard to tell because everything flows into one and isn’t disjointed. Neutral shades are great since they offset skin tones and aren’t gaudy or garish.


You might be an old-hand when it comes to makeup, yet this is a different trend entirely. You’re used to various methods that aren’t included in the “no makeup” makeup look. As a result, please don’t expect to get instant results after a couple of attempts. Be realistic and realize that it takes practice before you master the technique, as processes such as blending aren’t straightforward. Keep on searching for the ultimate style, but spot the small victories, too. Then, you should remain motivated while feeling amazing on the inside and outside.

Minimal Makeup: How To Look Polished Without Too Much Powder

With a little practice, you can wear less makeup and still appear polished.

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