How to Prevent Sore, Achy, and Unhealthy Feet During Travel

How to Prevent Sore, Achy, and Unhealthy Feet During Travel

Traveling doesn’t only mean the happiness of visiting new places; it also means standing in long queues to get tickets, carrying heavy luggage around the airport, or even hiking if you’re adventurous. Situations like these can lead to pain in feet, blisters, corns, calluses, spasms, and other foot problems. In worse cases, you may end up with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

So, what should be done to keep feet clean and healthy during and after long days of travel? Read on to know.

How to Prevent Sore, Achy, and Unhealthy Feet During Travel


Pack According to the Climate

If you’re visiting a place where it might snow, you will have to get water blocking shoes. If you’re expecting rains, consider shoes that are designed to drain the water out. A little research about what kind of shoes are best for different climates will help you a lot. Moreover, you don’t want blisters or rashes in your feet, so make sure the insole fits properly and does not allow the foot to move.

In addition to shoes, you will have to pack other items too, as per the climate. For example, if you’re going to be in cold weather, pack thermal socks. If you’re going to be on the beach, carry sunscreen to cover not just the feet but the entire body.

Get Copper Compression Socks

Problems such as numbness in feet, swollen ankles, DVT, and spasms are caused because of poor blood circulation. Therefore it’s best to wear copper compression socks since they apply gradual pressure to support veins in your feet and improve blood circulation, thus preventing all these problems.

Moreover, copper socks are made with copper-infused fabric, which means they have the anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of copper that destroy microbes and prevent foot odor. 

Prepare Your Feet

If you have an existing foot condition, consult your foot health professional or primary care physician. Follow their advice or prescription, if any.

People who travel frequently or are into sports sometimes suffer from DVT. If it is the case with you, make sure you take preventive measures for DVT. If you are not used to walking or standing a lot, start running for at least half an hour every day to prepare your feet.

Walk in Your Shoes

Do not carry a brand new or an unworn pair of shoes since they can cause discomfort and blisters. If you have bought a pair for the vacation, wear and walk in them every day for some time. The heat of your feet will mold the shoe in the shape of your feet, which will prevent blisters and discomfort when you wear them while traveling.

How to Prevent Sore, Achy, and Unhealthy Feet During Travel


Don’t Forget Grooming

Even when traveling, grooming shouldn’t be overlooked. If you develop blisters under a callus, it may spoil your entire travel. Here’s how you can care for your feet when away:

  • Wash feet and dry them properly before you wear your shoes. 
  • Keep your toenails trimmed.
  • Take your shoes off every once in a while and let your feet breathe. 

Wear Socks

Try to wear socks as much as possible. Change them regularly and make sure you always have a spare pair so that you can change it immediately if they happen to get wet or dirty. To prevent bacteria and fungus due to sweat, try copper compression socks. Copper socks are self-cleaning too, which makes them ideal, especially for travel.

Exercise Regularly

Do not eliminate exercise hour from your day if you want to keep your feet muscles strengthened and help them recover from the fatigue of traveling. If you can’t manage to exercise properly, do some simple but effective feet exercises, such as:

  • Toe raise, point, and curl
  • Toe splay
  • Marble pickup
  • Golf ball roll
  • Achilles stretch

You can watch short tutorials online and simply get started. All you have to do is spare 15-20 minutes for these exercises.

How to Prevent Sore, Achy, and Unhealthy Feet During Travel

Once you’re back from your trip, assess your feet. Check if your feet are clean and healthy post-travel. If you get corn or blisters, wash feet with lukewarm water 3 to 4 times a day. You can also soak them in warm salt-dissolved water. To properly clean feet after the vacation, you can also go for a pedicure or a foot massage. And yes, do not discontinue foot exercises.

I hope that these tips were helpful. 

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