4 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy When Traveling ~ #DiaResQ

Traveling has become somewhat of a hobby for me, and I enjoy taking Madison along as much as I can. As I’ve stated in the past, one of my favorite quotes has always been “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich”. While the experiences are always eye-opening, the one experience that I try to avoid is getting sick. In collaboration with DiaResQ®, I want to share how you can stay healthy whenever you travel.

This post is brought to you by DiaResQ and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

A few years ago Madison and I took a vacation to London and decided to make an impromptu trip to Paris. We traveled via the Eurostar and upon our arrival into France, Madison was sick so our trip wasn’t as great as it could have been since she spent most of her day in bed at the hotel. Since that fateful trip, whenever we travel, I now take precautions and include a few items in my arsenal whenever we go anywhere. As my mom would say “it’s always best to be prepared”.

If you’re traveling with a young child and would love your vacation to be stress and worry-free as possible, I want to share four easy ways you can keep your children healthy whenever you travel.


Get as much sleep as possible. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that you don’t need sleep, especially when traveling through time zones. Try to maintain their sleep schedules, and let them take as many naps as possible. Schedule trips around their schedules as a poor sleep schedule increases their risk of getting sick when exposed to a virus so remember to let them sleep!


Being on vacation, it can be easy for them to get caught up in the excitement of something new that they forget about handwashing basics. Remind them to wash their hands after every bathroom break, and before and after eating. While hand sanitizers are great alternatives, nothing beats good old fashion soap and water.


While you and your child may be tempted to eat and drink all the local foods, be careful about what they eat and consider drinking bottled water. You can never be too sure of the water purity and food contamination. One thing you do not want your child to get while on vacation is diarrhea. Not only can children’s diarrhea put a damper on your trip, but your child dehydrates easily. In the event that the dreaded D-word appears, it’s a good idea to have DiaResQ on hand.

DiaResQ* is safe for the entire family (as young as age one) and has been clinically demonstrated to resolve most cases of diarrhea on the first day of use. And since it’s made from naturally derived ingredients and is drug and antibiotic free, you can feel good about giving your child DiaResQ.

For kids who hate taking pills or tablets, there’s no need to worry as DiaResQ is a vanilla flavored powder that mixes easily in water. Simply add water, shake and drink!

*DiaResQ is not intended for the relief of chronic diarrhea, nor for infants (children aged 12 months or less).


Paying a visit to your child’s pediatrician is always a good idea, especially when traveling internationally. Depending on the country that you’re traveling to, your child may need additional vaccinations to prevent illnesses that may be prevalent in that country that your child is not immune against. It’s very important to keep your child as healthy as possible, and not just against traveler’s diarrhea.

Diarrhea is the body’s natural immune response to try and remove an invading microorganism, and some other products work by slowing that response (and trapping that organism in your body). DiaResQ is different – it works with your body to address the underlying issue fast. Don’t let diarrhea sideline your child or stand in the way of your next family adventure. DiaResQ provides fast, safe, soothing relief and is safe for the whole family! With DiaResQ on-hand, you can safely address diarrhea head on – so you can keep your children happy and healthy and your vacation on track!

Visit DiaResQ to learn more and keep your child happy and healthy! DiaResQ is available at CVS and Amazon.

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